Moab Day .5

I woke this morning feeling slightly better and super pumped to get to MOAB!! 

Kennedy was all smiles and wiggling in excitement. She has been waiting to go camping since the day after Christmas. She was super cooperative (I've never had her come and get her hair done so fast) and kept offering to help carry things to the Jeep so we could leave quicker. With her help, we were packed and loaded pretty quickly with only one mishap when Brynlie tried to get in the hiking pack by herself. 

And we're off! 
We bought our Sequoia back in August because we needed a bigger car that could pull our trailer. This time we took the Jeep instead and it struggled to pull the trailer. It was pretty scary at first until we stopped and unloaded some weight. We even fish tailed badly in the exact spot my family got in a terrible accident when I was in 4th (ish) grade. It's crazy how after all these years I'm still petrified of that. 

We also ran into snow in Spanish Fork 
And got stuck behind an oversized load going 10 mph about 12 miles outside of Helper/Price. That ate up a HUGE chunk of time. 
But hey, at least we weren't swaying all over the road. 

Finally, we made it! Cory reserved us a site at an RV park because we knew it was going to be insanely busy down here and I really wanted access to a shower. So it's not really "camping" when you have people 20 feet away from you at all times, but it works. And there's dirt to keep the kiddos happy. 

We brought along our own fire pit because we are in the "overflow" type area with no hookups or tables. I'm exited for a s'more tomorrow night when it's a bit warmer. 
We made our dinner and headed into town for some shopping. We got the girls the cutest matching shirts (pics to come when they wear them) and Cory got a t-shirt as well. The sunset was gorgeous! 
I think Brynlie is feeling pretty chill now that were among red rocks and Jeeps. Right where we belong. 
Stay tuned for more Moab adventures! 

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