Moab Day 4

I think today was the most fun so far. It was also the most exhausting. My planned run this morning didn't happen. My alarm never went off and by the time we all woke up, we were hungry and ready to get the day rolling. 

We decided to head into town for breakfast this morning and made it just in time to see hundreds of Jeeps depart for Big Saturday. All but 3 trails are full on Saturday and in order to get everyone organized and lined up, they temporarily shut down the main road so everyone can line up for their trail and head out together. It was a pretty cool sight. 

I have video of them driving off, and if I was a good blogger I would post it, but I'm on limited phone-battery life, so I'll skip that part. 

We had a yummy breakfast at Moab Diner after the Jeeps left and then we headed to Potato Salad Hill. This obstacle used to be "The Shiz" (<---- that's what Mormon's say) back in the day before Jeeps and rigs got to be as huge as they are these days. Years ago you could see someone roll over about every 15 minutes and getting up the hill was actually a challenge. Now, not so much. We stayed for a little bit but it was pretty cold and windy and no one was doing anything that cool. 

After Potato Salad we went climbing!!! I was so stoked to take Kennedy for her first time. We got to the route just as a family with kids was leaving and she got to see some girls doing it. I thought, "Yes! She really wants to go, and now she can see how much fun these kids are having!" And she really was so excited, even after it took us forever to get the rope routed and set up. But then her shoes kept slipping (we need to get her climbing shoes) and she was hangry and it just didn't pan out. Her face says it all. 
That's as high as she got. We'll try again another day. 

We hadn't been climbing in years, since before Brynlie, and we usually go with people more experienced than we are. Today I cashed in my "climbing virgin" card because suddenly I was the only one who knew how to do everything. I even got to clean the climb when we were done, which I've never done before. Minus being slightly terrified of falling to my death, I feel like I handled it pretty well, and by pretty well I mean I was desperately praying I was doing everything right and my kids wouldn't witness their mother's demise. But it all went well and I left feeling kind of badass (<--- Mormon's usually don't say that, but I'm not perfect). 

We were all pretty hungry so we hit up the dollar menu at McDonalds and drove down Kane Creek Canyon. I think that area is my absolute favorite in all of Moab. It is so freaking gorgeous!!! Then the kids were ready to be set free from their seat belts, so we took them to the park where we all had so much fun! We love this park. 

This 4-way see-saw is actually flipping awesome, and Cory and I may have acted like total fools laughing our guts out trying to launch each other off. Then I told Cory to take a picture, and he tried to make it look like the dinosaur was eating my head... Reeeeaaalll mature.... 

I'm pretty sure Brynlie thought the swing was "the Shiz". This picture of her sure is. 
Some of us worked up more of an appetite than others when we finally left the park
Tin foil dinners were on the menu tonight, but it was pretty darn windy and cold, so we traded in huddling around our fire pit for letting someone else cook in an indoor establishment. The food was meh, but I'm guessing that's how our tin foil dinners would have been, too. 
These two are just too much fun!!
We ended our fun day by going swimming at the Marriott hotel's pool with our friends who were staying there. Even though it was cold outside and windy, the water temperature was perfect and the kids had a total blast! So much in fact, they crashed as soon as we got back to camp. What a perfect day! 

Side note: I really had hoped to stay on track and eat on the healthier side, minus some s'mores and treats here and there, but this trip has been bad. Like, BAD. So, what happens in Moab, stays in Moab. I'm so really to get back home to things that are good for me and to finally, finally, get back to my gym and training plan. However, this trip was awesome, and 1,000% worth it. I don't want to leave in the morning. 

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