Moab Day 3: Wipe Out Hill

Today was Jeep Safari day!!!! 

We woke up, got ready in a jiff, and went to the line up point to wait for the whole group 
We did Wipe Out Hill today which was tons of fun. One of my favorite things about going off road is being able to see gorgeous scenery that otherwise would have been missed. 
Being with the safari was tons of fun! 
The leader was saying this was one of the first groups where every vehicle was an actual Jeep. Usually there's a Toyota or a Bronco or something thrown in the mix. But not this time. 

The girls were representing their new shirts today! Getting a decent picture was pretty freaking impossible. 

The trail was mostly easy to moderate which meant the girls had fun on some bouncy parts. And we had fun actually getting to listen to our own music! (Mixed in with the My Little Pony soundtrack and Taylor Swift... Yuck) 
There was one kind of nasty hill that Cory navigated like a champ 
And then we reached the actual Wipe Out Hill. Again, he made it look easy, and the picture doesn't do an ounce of justice to how steep it was. But Cory said it freaked him out pretty bad. 
Boys and their toys. 
After a few hours in the car we decided to stop at the huge sand hill outside of Arches National Park and let the girls play. Of course, Brynlie hated the sand and freaked when her feet touched it. But Kennedy had a blast! 

So dirty! 
But so happy. 
We went back to camp and Kennedy got a shower since she had sand clumped up in all kinds of places... 

Then the night got interesting. Tonight is the last night of the expo where they do a massive drawing for all kinds of donated items (tires, axle's, lift kits, etc.) and since this is the 50th anniversary they are giving away a Jeep, which will be given away last, and you have to be present to win. So... We tried going to the expo with the kids and lasted about 45 minutes and realized that since the drawing didn't even start for another 45 minutes, there was no way the girls and I were staying. We drove around town and got ice cream and are currently snuggled up in the trailer watching a movie on an 8" screen that we can barely hear. But this is nice:

It's been colder than we would like and today has been windy (I hate wind above all else!) so this is really our only option. At least they're tired so when the sun goes down I can put them to bed and have some alone time. I should have brought a book...

Overall today was fun and I'm glad we still get one more full day in our version of paradise! 

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