Moab Day: 2

Good morning from Moab!!!
We had a little bit of a rough night. Brynlie wouldn't stay in her pack n' play so we let her sleep on the mattress next to Kennedy. She was super excited and cuddled right up to her sister. But then our heater didn't work super well and the poor little munchkin froze! I finally moved over and slept between the two of them with a sleeping bag draped over us and we were finally warm enough to sleep. Except I was between two wild sleepers on a bed that's about 1.5 feet too short for me. But considering, I slept ok. 

Reunited and it feels SO GOOD!! 
I got in 4 cold, cough-filled miles this morning. First run/workout in over a week. Man it felt good, even if I couldn't stop coughing after. I'm feeling better each day so I'm hoping to make it out again Saturday morning, and then a long run Monday. 

Can I just say that being in Moab during Jeep Safari is kind of the best thing ever? After our delicious breakfast of husband-made pancakes (where I tested out this syrup and loved it)
We headed to the Jeep expo to get our packet for the trail we are doing tomorrow. It was packed, but what's so fun about being here is everywhere you go, the roads and parking lots are lined with Jeeps like this 
It's awesome. 

I told Kennedy she could pick out one treat from the gas station. Her choice:
I thought the pizza was the cutest 

Today we did some hiking and exploring in Arches. First we went to Double Arch
Where Kennedy got to play on the rocks 
And practicing driving her toy "Jeep" (monster truck, all the Jeeps were taken) off the rocks. 
The only picture I made it in:

This pictures of these two... I can barely handle it. 

Next we took a fun little 4x4 road in Arches that we've taken before. 
We still have no idea where it goes because we had to turn around due to lack of time and the road was getting too rough to be out there alone. But we had fun and got out and played before we turned around. And you could see Delicate Arch from the road!
We came back and made a super delicious Dutch oven dinner and then made a fire 
Camping makes her so happy. 
And had the cutest firewood helpers ever. 

We are learning that Brynlie was literally born with zero fear of anything, especially fire. While I was cooking she somehow, in a matter of seconds, got ahold of some lighter fluid and was squirting it into the fire. She's 22 months old, guys. What am I going to do with her?! 

It's still pretty darn chilly tonight so we may not last long out at this fire pit, so if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go enjoy some more s'mores, and not keep track of how many I eat. 

Tomorrow is Jeeping day! Peace out! 

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