Just Another Manic Monday



Oh man. What a Monday. Monday's are always pretty crazy for me but this one seemed extra crummy. I literally didn't get to sit down at all from 5:30 a.m. until 5:15 p.m.  

The day started at 5:30 with a date with the treadmill. I took this picture:
And then Kennedy wanted to take a picture of me with it. She's been asking me about EVERYTHING lately and now whenever I take a picture she asks if it's for the computer. 
This was also taken after my run when Kennedy woke up. She wasn't up at 5:30 haha. 

I ate my usual breakfast, and I'm always careful to watch for stem-land-mines. 
We all ate and got dressed then ran out the door to make it to the gym. Today was a shoulders and hamstrings day and I am feeling it! 

We left the gym and immediately went to work. Brynlie has decided it's tons of fun to try and steal my pen anytime I turn my back on it, and Kennedy loves to hang out the window and yell at anyone we see, so that's kept things extra interesting. After we finished up at work I took the kids home, put Brynlie down for a nap, whipped up a protein shake, woke Cory up (he's working nights), and hurried out the door to go grocery shopping. 

I navigated the crazy isles of Smith's and Costco then headed home and had a third workout unloading everything from the car. I took a very quick shower before Cory left for work then spent an hour and a half meal prepping. I measured out all my salads, shredded, weighed, and bagged my rotisserie chicken, then made many breakfast burritos for Cory that we can freeze and have on hand. After that, it was time for dinner. Once dinner was in the oven, I FINALLY got to sit down and relax. Then it was dinner time and bath time. It was a long day! 

But even after all the craziness I was still in a good enough mood to play and laugh with my girls tonight. And boy did they split my sides laughing so hard! They also melted my heart with moments like this 
Then made me laugh 
Then back to warm and fuzzy...
And then just all-out mush-fest!
Those girls are just so amazing. Of course they fight and hit and yell and do all the things I wish they wouldn't, but then they just randomly hug and kiss and cuddle. It's amazing. 

Something interesting happened tonight; Brynlie told me she needed to go potty. She took off her clothes and then took me to the potty. She didn't go, but she sat on there super proud of herself for a while. It was cute! I doubt she's ready for anything, but it was a total surprise. 

Now the cuties are in bed and I'm finishing the night with a drama filled Women Tell All from The Bachelor. 
Tonight will be an early bedtime because my alarm is set at a ridiculous hour tomorrow to get on the treadmill again. Hopefully I survive. 


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