I Love My Kiddos

I don't know what my deal is but getting out of bed has been ridiculously hard this week. Once again I shut off my early alarm to run and went back to bed. But it was ok because I got some cuddle time with my first born. I also had a back-up plan for running today, so I didn't feel too guilty. 
We cuddled a little too long and our morning ended up being slightly chaotic getting out the door. That is one reason I love waking up and getting ready before the kids do, I can just focus on them and have a calmer morning. But today wasn't one of those. 

We hit the gym and I worked my chest in the weight room, then did half of the class, then ran 2 miles around the building. I knew it would be boring but at least it was an outdoor run. In fact the temperature felt so nice I thought it would be a good idea to take the girls in the stroller for the other 3 miles I had planned instead of knocking them out on the treadmill at home. Brace yourself, here comes a shoe selfie... 
It only took me about .03 miles to realize this was a stupid idea. The rest of the way I kept saying to myself, "What the hell was I thinking?!" I haven't taken both kids since Brynlie was itty bitty. They're quite bigger now and pushing them was like trying to move a car... Ok that's a little dramatic, but it SUCKED!! We only made it 2 miles. I don't think I'll ever do that again. But they did enjoy the ride, contrary to their faces in the picture. 
We came home and stretched, had lunch, and Brynlie napped while we watched another installment of Harry Potter. Only one more to go. If the weather for spring break would have cooperated, we might have had more fun. But snuggling and watching a good movie every day has been kinda nice, too. 

The most exciting part of our afternoon was the UPS delivery, where my Amazon subscription sent me more razor heads when I didn't need them. I think the universe is trying to tell me I need to shave my legs. 
I've had people contact me via text or Facebook asking about my gym I go to. I'll have to make a post more detailed about it sometime, but it's not a regular gym like Vasa or Planet Fitness or anything like that. It's also not a crossfit gym, I get asked that a lot. We kind of do a little bit of everything there. First, there is a separate weight room, like a regular gym would have, and each member is given their own personal lifting routine based on their goals. Not very many people lift, but I am one that does. Then there is the cross training portion of the gym. They're boot camp-type classes that are pretty vigorous and intense, but also easily adaptable. I'll go into more detail later but we do everything from barbell work to burpees, pull-ups, battle ropes, TONS of core work, running, punching bags (my personal favorite), monkey bars, rings, bosu's, TRX's, tires, dumbbell weight lifting... You name it. It's fantastic and I love it. Anyway, that's a brief rundown of the gym, but more on it later. 

Tonight we were supposed to try a new recipe for dinner but I just couldn't bring myself to cook. So we ordered some pizza and amazingly, the pizza fit my macros! So I didn't even have to feel guilty about it! *epic music*

During dinner we sent pictures to grandma who is out of town
And then played a little hide-and-seek before tubby time. 
Her smile! It's impossible to look at and not feel happy. I mean, I'm a little biased I guess, but she is pretty darn cute, right? 
And speaking of cute, their bath time was a riot!! Randomly Brynlie taught herself how to float on her back. She would float there and then bust a gut giggling. It was hilarious. 
I feel like today has been a huge blessing helping me be grateful for being a mom. They have been so much fun and truly, my beautiful girls bring me the most joy in my life. They can drive me to insanity, but the most important thing is I love them more than I can even comprehend myself. 

We're ending the night with some good 'ol fashioned, carpet-destroying, fun. I totally loved doing this as a kid, except we used sleeping bags. They're amateurs. I'll teach them the ways when they're ready. 

Honorable mention: I did shave my legs. 

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