House, Hair, Hacking

Since we live such a crazy, spontaneous life (<--- sarcasm) I'm always getting asked about our life. 


The only question we really ever get asked is, "How's the house coming?" And our answer is always the same: "Oh, (little chuckle) it's coming!" 

I think many people forget that Cory is basically doing everything himself and this is going to be a looooooong project. We haven't made any progress in the last two weeks because all his free time has been spent getting the Jeep and trailer ready for Moab in a few days. Hopefully after our trip we can start hacking away at it again. So currently nothing to report on the Homefront. Haha, get it? Homefront? Ok....

Excuse the cheesy jokes, I am currently under the influence of several cold and cough medications because things have gotten worse. I'm trying all the remedies I know to kick this stupid thing. 
March 21st is the first day of spring. I almost made it an entire winter without getting sick. I've had to postpone my runs and just be a bump on a log at home and I've gotta say, it's making me pretty cranky. Especially on a gorgeous day like today. But I know it'll pass. 

So, I did end up getting my hair done. I have mixed feelings about it. The colors are spot on. I LOVE the red color. It almost looks purple in some light and that's more bold than I'm used to, but I'm so glad I went for it. But the style isn't really what I was going for. I wanted more blonde on top with more natural looking chunks and highlights. I'm going to get it fixed in a few weeks and see if I can't make this: 
Look a little more like this but with reddish brown instead of just brown 
I'm not very good at explaining things or being that specific so I've learned my lesson on speaking up. I don't mind it, so I'll live with it until it's time to get it touched up and then see if we can fix it. 

That's basically all I have for you today. To conclude, please enjoy even more pictures of my kids and today's honorable mention. 

Watching The Good Dinosaur together. 

Honorable mention: I got to sleep in until 8:11 this morning. It was wonderful. 

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