Frustrated, But Still Blogging

I have been trying for a while now to get the pictures off my phone and onto my computer so I can blog from there and it's not working! (Insert crying emoji) I'm hoping I can figure it out soon because I'm frustrated. But I'm still blogging. Day 8. Right from my phone. 

I feel like a deserve a gold star for getting out of bed at 5:00 this morning. That was tough! My bed gets 8,000,000 times more comfortable the second my alarm goes off. I stumbled out to the treadmill and noticed Kennedy had placed her "running" shoes neatly by the treadmill. I swooned. 
I felt pretty awesome knowing I'm setting an example for her about exercise and achieving your goals. I forget just how much she soaks in what's going on around her. Seeing this gave me a nice boost to get my run done. I did some Yasso 800's (I forgot to count how many) with a nice easy quarter mile recovery between them, and sprinted the last mile and a half. 
It felt so nice to get everything done by 7 am! We even got to work at an usually early hour and noticed that most of the parking offenders aren't there that early. But by the time second period started they came rolling in. 

After work we went to Kennedys school where she will attend kindergarten next year to pick up her registration packed. 
How is she this old already?! Ah!! I'm excited for her, though. And I'm pretty sure she's excited, too. 

Today was my get-stuff-done-I've-been-procrastinating-day so when we got home I made what felt like a billion phone calls making appointments and getting things in order. Our checking card number was stolen so we're dealing with the hassle of having to wait for new cards and tell every establishment we pay bills to each month that we can't use our checking account until the new numbers arrive. It's been a headache. But I felt super organized and accomplished after I made all my phone calls. 

While gathering paperwork for kindergarten registration I stumbled upon my patriarchal blessing, which I haven't read in a few years. There were some things in there I had forgotten about. Among other things, one thing that hit me was it mentions I'll be a mother a couple times. I remember that being a source of huge strength for me when we were engaged and I thought I might not get to have children for a brief time. Now that I do, it helps me to feel closer to Heavenly Father knowing I am fulfilling His role for me, and no matter how hard it gets, I was literally created for this. 

Ok, sorry for the serious pause for a moment. Moving on to randomness. 

This is what happens when your husband takes it upon himself to buy the ice cream. 
I see it every day when I open to freezer to get a banana for my protein shake and every day I have to resist the urge to eat a whole carton. What doesn't kill us, makes us stronger, right?? 

The girls have been using our foldable clothes-drying rack as a jungle gym and officially broke it last week. It was a mangled mess, and it was made out of metal! I ordered a new one on Amazon and it came today! Now I can wash and hang dry my workout pants. 
And they will smell freaking amazing because I just purchased this beauty which makes your clothes smell like heaven-- or at least what I hope heaven will smell like. 
Also, does anyone else order just about everything through Amazon prime? Because I'm obsessed! One time I needed a specific kind of peanut butter and I couldn't find it at the grocery store so I just ordered it on amazon. Haha! If it can wait two days, I'm lazy enough to have it delivered. And it's usually cheaper! 

My mom and I were talking about how we would handle parenting children in certain situations today. One of them was how we would handle one of our kids ending up being a murderer. I jokingly said we might find out with Brynlie. Not even 10 minutes later, this happened. 
Good thing it was just the lettuce cutting knife... 

Dinner tonight was amazing. Pork chops, mashed potatoes, a different kind of gravy and peas. I love all three of those foods. I was enjoying my dinner and was so happy until things when drastically wrong:
A nice dinner turned into a nightmare. 

After dinner I had my final night of young women's basketball. The girls played their freaking hearts out 
And we ended up losing in overtime by one basket. It was one of the most intense and emotionally charged games I have ever been to. I've learned a lot from those girls and I'm sad to see basketball come to an end. 

One thing I'm not sad to see end though is this day. Things move slowly when you've been up a couple extra hours. I am ready for bed! See you tomorrow! 

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