Does Anyone Like Tuesday's?

Today has been kind of a hard day. Nothing has really gone according to plan which always ends up throwing me off. 

The good thing is, I got to spend most of the day alone cuddling this little cutie pie. 
We both are feeling a little better today, so that was helpful with all the packing and stuff I had to get done. Kennedy spent the morning at school and then basically the rest of the day with Aunt Hillary. I missed her. 

Ok, so I just want to be real for a bit. Today was just one of the "those days". I'm incredibly over being sick. I'm sad Brynlie has been sick. I'm stressed about getting the stuff ready for Moab. I'm worried about Moab weather. I'm feeling tired and sluggish. I didn't sleep well last night. I'm sad because I HATE not being able to workout or run. My diet has been less than perfect and I've been beating myself up about that. Cory was gone. The sun wasn't shining. We barely left the house... Everything just piled up and I felt super depressed today. I wasn't even going to blog, I didn't take any pictures because we didn't do a dang thing worth writing about; not to mention my attitude is pretty sub-par today and I just want to go to bed and start fresh tomorrow. 

But then it hit me...

I get to go to bed and start fresh tomorrow. Bad days happen. They happen to everyone. Sometimes they may be more frequent than we'd like. But isn't it wonderful that we get a fresh start every day? This too shall pass. Spending the night feeling sorry for myself is bound to happen, and it does happen, but I know it doesn't help anything. I get to start over tomorrow, hopefully feeling even better. And I get to start over in MOAB!! 

So my point is this: I wasn't going to pretend everything was perfect today and my life is awesome and we have our crap all together. That's not who I am. Today sucked. And I'm going to tell you that because everyone, everyone has sucky days and I think it helps us feel more normal to know we're not alone. But remember, they don't last forever. Go to bed, sleep it off, and start over tomorrow. That's my plan, and I may even tweak things by adding in a sleeping pill to that remedy, because dang it, I want sleep! 

And most importantly: a bad day is no reflection of who you are as a person. Remember that. 

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