Doctor, Doctor!

Today was another crazy busy, super exhausting, I wanna sit down and cry, kind of day. 

I'll skip over the boring parts but I took a trip to the doctor:
(And I look like s*** but that's how I feel, so roll with it)
I left with antibiotics and medicine to help ease my wretched cough! 

Then Brynlie had her turn:
And she has no infections yet but we left with a written prescription just in case she worsens while we are in Moab. Her cough is getting pretty killer like mine. I feel terrible for her. She's too cute to be sick. 

Highlights of the day:

Cory spent a massive chunk of his day putting together the new playhouse we bought for the girls for our new house
The finished product:
They love it. We have plans to spruce it up a bit but we also kind of need to work on our actual house, so we'll see when it happens. 

I got all the grocery shopping done for our trip and was able to find many healthy options for myself to try and stay somewhat on track while we're gone. I do plan on splurging a little. But I feel way more prepared than usual. Go me. 

And the trees at our house are blossoming!!! 
It makes me even more dang excited to live there. I kind of love trees. 

Well I feel like garbage and I'm going through actual withdrawals without my gym or my running shoes... It's been 5 days. Someone save me! 

Honorable mention: I devoured a huge bacon burger and fries for dinner tonight and it was amazing. Don't judge me, I'm sick. 

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