Bye, Bye, Storage Unit!

Does it mean I'm officially old when I'm already taking a pretty steep cocktail of pills every night? And this doesn't include my morning ones...
You're welcome, pharmaceutical industry, for keeping you in business. 

Today was another good, busy day. We said goodbye to our storage unit and moved all our stuff into our basement. It was fun to see all the stuff we forgot about. 
Look how squeaky clean we left it! 
It actually went really fast and we were done in about 5 hours. And when we got back I got to spend a little time with this cutie pie. 
We decided to reward our hard work with some amazing Mexican food. If you are in the Salt Lake area, you need to try Chunga's. It's so good!
The al pastor is freaking awesome, but tonight it was extra, extra, extra spicy and it about killed me. I might have trouble sleeping tonight when my insides start on fire and my heartburn changes me into a zombie. I decided to try and help cool things off with my favorite ice cream. 

I've been experiencing some pretty bad lower back pain and after moving today it was KILLING me. Cory decided to try and help things out. 
And then like every man got carried away in about 3.5 seconds. 
I was texting my friend about my back during this and about how I'm not sure if it's from running or lifting. She sent me this and I died laughing. 
I opted to roll on my lacrosse ball since it doesn't have a short attention span and it's feeling better. 

Cory and I have been watching The Walking Dead and decided to take a break tonight and watch something else. Quite the contrast, no?
After a crazy weekend I am really looking forward to a restful Sunday tomorrow. Oh, and to my bed tonight. I hope everyone had a great Saturday! 

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