I Love My Kiddos

I don't know what my deal is but getting out of bed has been ridiculously hard this week. Once again I shut off my early alarm to run and went back to bed. But it was ok because I got some cuddle time with my first born. I also had a back-up plan for running today, so I didn't feel too guilty. 
We cuddled a little too long and our morning ended up being slightly chaotic getting out the door. That is one reason I love waking up and getting ready before the kids do, I can just focus on them and have a calmer morning. But today wasn't one of those. 

We hit the gym and I worked my chest in the weight room, then did half of the class, then ran 2 miles around the building. I knew it would be boring but at least it was an outdoor run. In fact the temperature felt so nice I thought it would be a good idea to take the girls in the stroller for the other 3 miles I had planned instead of knocking them out on the treadmill at home. Brace yourself, here comes a shoe selfie... 
It only took me about .03 miles to realize this was a stupid idea. The rest of the way I kept saying to myself, "What the hell was I thinking?!" I haven't taken both kids since Brynlie was itty bitty. They're quite bigger now and pushing them was like trying to move a car... Ok that's a little dramatic, but it SUCKED!! We only made it 2 miles. I don't think I'll ever do that again. But they did enjoy the ride, contrary to their faces in the picture. 
We came home and stretched, had lunch, and Brynlie napped while we watched another installment of Harry Potter. Only one more to go. If the weather for spring break would have cooperated, we might have had more fun. But snuggling and watching a good movie every day has been kinda nice, too. 

The most exciting part of our afternoon was the UPS delivery, where my Amazon subscription sent me more razor heads when I didn't need them. I think the universe is trying to tell me I need to shave my legs. 
I've had people contact me via text or Facebook asking about my gym I go to. I'll have to make a post more detailed about it sometime, but it's not a regular gym like Vasa or Planet Fitness or anything like that. It's also not a crossfit gym, I get asked that a lot. We kind of do a little bit of everything there. First, there is a separate weight room, like a regular gym would have, and each member is given their own personal lifting routine based on their goals. Not very many people lift, but I am one that does. Then there is the cross training portion of the gym. They're boot camp-type classes that are pretty vigorous and intense, but also easily adaptable. I'll go into more detail later but we do everything from barbell work to burpees, pull-ups, battle ropes, TONS of core work, running, punching bags (my personal favorite), monkey bars, rings, bosu's, TRX's, tires, dumbbell weight lifting... You name it. It's fantastic and I love it. Anyway, that's a brief rundown of the gym, but more on it later. 

Tonight we were supposed to try a new recipe for dinner but I just couldn't bring myself to cook. So we ordered some pizza and amazingly, the pizza fit my macros! So I didn't even have to feel guilty about it! *epic music*

During dinner we sent pictures to grandma who is out of town
And then played a little hide-and-seek before tubby time. 
Her smile! It's impossible to look at and not feel happy. I mean, I'm a little biased I guess, but she is pretty darn cute, right? 
And speaking of cute, their bath time was a riot!! Randomly Brynlie taught herself how to float on her back. She would float there and then bust a gut giggling. It was hilarious. 
I feel like today has been a huge blessing helping me be grateful for being a mom. They have been so much fun and truly, my beautiful girls bring me the most joy in my life. They can drive me to insanity, but the most important thing is I love them more than I can even comprehend myself. 

We're ending the night with some good 'ol fashioned, carpet-destroying, fun. I totally loved doing this as a kid, except we used sleeping bags. They're amateurs. I'll teach them the ways when they're ready. 

Honorable mention: I did shave my legs. 


Post Number 2

I wish someone would invent a machine that projects people's dreams onto the wall, complete with dialogue and a soundtrack. I want to know what Kennedy was dreaming last night so badly. Whatever it was, it was happening under oath. 
Did I mention my perfectly normal, not-at-all-quirky-daughter has to sleep with gloves on every night? 

Today was like any other day. Wake up, vow to have patience with my children, get them up, lose patience 10 minutes later, work off frustration at the gym... Vow to do better, lose patience, etc. It's a vicious cycle. 

I did do something bad today though... I talked myself out of running. I know, I know. Don't tell Mom. But I plan on making up for it tomorrow. I just couldn't pull myself off the couch from under my amazing Costco blanket. It was hard to even shower, much less run and get all sweaty. So no stupid shoe-selfie picture for you today. I know you're really disappointed. 

But I did spend my entire morning trying to figure out my new toy. I haven't used it for a run yet but I am already obsessed. 

We stopped at the grocery store on our way home from the gym today for more Goldfish crackers and new toothbrushes. It was the highlight of their spring break. 
I'm the lamest mom. 

If you're looking for a healthy-ish treat to curb a sweet tooth, look no further!
These taste kind of amazing. They're pretty macro friendly. Definitely not as healthy as just plain yogurt, but it's better than Cadbury Eggs or a gallon of ice cream, for those of us with binge eating problems. 

For lunch I decided to try my new BBQ sauce that I got at the health foods store on my chicken 
I ate about 4 bites and had to put the rest in a Tupperware for Cory because it was so spicy I couldn't eat it, and I like spicy stuff! I'm going to have to go back for a different kind that doesn't burn my organs. Don't get the Kansas City Style. Unless you want to die. 

We went out to get the mail and Kennedy found a concrete repair pamphlet on the door that gained instant, intense, sentimental value to her. Moments later Brynlie got a hold of it and ripped it and Kennedy acted like there was a death in the family. 
So I took the time to tape the random, concrete repair pamphlet back together to keep her from losing her crap. How did my life get so weird? 
Meanwhile Brynlie was concentrating really hard, doing her best to make her hair look like Ace Ventura. 

Dinner was our weekly salmon. You would not believe how much Brynlie loves salmon. So much in fact that she capitalized on Kennedys bathroom break to sneakily steal hers. 
And this was the reaction I got when I told her she shouldn't do that. 
I'm not really worried about her being able to hold her own in life. 

Fun fact: the handle on my parents spray wand on their sink sticks! 
Today has been a long day. I'm not sure how time moved so slowly when I was sitting on the couch all afternoon. 

As promised, I'm sharing the enchilada recipe from last night. I'll post it with the corn tortillas and if you can make them work, I will cry and kiss your culinary-God-like feet. Otherwise, just use regular tortillas. 

Chicken and black bean enchiladas 
1 tsp oil 
1/2 small yellow onion, chopped
2 garlic cloves, minced
2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cut into strips 
3/4 tsp ground cumin
1/4 tsp salt
1 cup black beans, rinsed and drained 
1/2 cup corn 
1/4 cup + 1 tbsp cilantro (divided)
3/4 cup salsa verde 
8 corn tortillas 
1/2 cup low fat shredded cheddar cheese 

Preheat oven to 375. Heat oil over medium-high heat in a large, non-stick skillet. Add the onion, garlic, chicken, cumin, and salt. Cook, stirring often, 3-5 minutes or until chicken is cooked. Stir in black beans and corn. Cook for 1 minute. Remove from heat and stir in 1/4 cup cilantro and 3 tbsp of salsa. 

Heat tortillas to make them soft. 

Stuff tortillas with chicken mixture and place in greased, 9x13 baking dish. Top with remaining salsa and the cheese. Bake for 30 minutes and garnish with cilantro. Serves 4, serving size is 2 enchiladas. 

Calories 309
Fat 7g
Carbs 34g
Fiber 7g
Protein 27g

I leave you on this "hump-day" with a little Trump joke:
Don't forget to check out my post from earlier today. I never post twice, so I'm spreading the word! 


My Story With Dieting and Where I Am Now

I have always been a big eater. I was blessed with a fast metabolism and up until I had kids, I could get away with eating whatever I wanted and not really getting fat. And when I say big eater, I'm talking devour a whole large pizza and then ask what's next. It was actually kind of disgusting. When Cory and I were dating and we would go out to eat, he would order a salad and I would get the steak with extra toppings, side of loaded mashed potatoes, side salad, etc. They would always bring the food and give me Cory's salad and I would have to say, "No, that goes to him. That whole tray of food you're still holding is ALL MINE!" 

Having kids drastically changed my body. I'm kind of amazing at gaining a shocking amount of weight while being pregnant, so after each child I've had more than my fair share of weight to get off. 

After having Kennedy, I struggled badly to lose weight. I started exercising daily and counting calories and my weight never budged. I wasn't very educated on food at the time, so I kept thinking I needed to restrict more and restrict more. I was down to 1200 calories every day and unbelievably frustrated that I wasn't losing any weight. Now I know it was because I was starving my body and it was holding on to everything it could. 

I finally made an appointment with my family doctor and we discovered my thyroid was out of whack. I also told him my whole story about not losing baby weight and he listened, and then prescribed me a couple weight loss prescriptions, along with thyroid medication (which I am still on, and probably will be forever). I was so desperate at the time to get the weight off I never asked any questions, I just took what he gave me and to my excitement, they worked!! They worked too well in fact. I could eat anything I desired and was still dropping weight. My diet was so poor but I didn't have a need to think about it since the medicine was doing it's job. I got down to my skinniest since probably 9th grade. I weighed less than what I lied and said I weighed when I first got my drivers license. While I wouldn't say I was too skinny, I was definitely thin, and it was obvious.

Those jeans on the bottom were a size I had never worn before. I felt great, but deep down knew it may not last once I stopped taking the medicine. 

After a while I started to ween myself off of the meds and gradually gained 10lbs. At the time I hated that I was gaining weight, but looking back I know that my body was adjusting to a healthier weight range. I had also started going to my gym at the same time (this was 2013) and was gaining muscle mass but wasn't aware how much of an impact that made on weight. It always bugged me that I wasn't at my smallest, but I was still lighter than I was before I got pregnant with Kennedy. 

Then I got pregnant with Brynlie...

9 months of horrible pain and unofficial bed-rest, later, I was pretty big, for me. I started dieting and going to the gym and really struggled to lose weight again. I joined a 12 week challenge at the gym that had a very strict, low-carb diet plan, and I was able to lose about 20 pounds.
I continued to try and get the weight off but it wouldn't budge. I saw a different doctor this time to check my body and everything came back normal, so he put me on a weight loss plan, not medication. I lasted about a month on it and then gave up because it, too, was very restrictive and made for obese clients. I did lose 10 more pounds, but it since has come back on since the plan was not lifestyle sustaining. 

Since that time, I have tried various diets and programs with no success. I still have 12 pounds to lose to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight with Brynlie and she will be 2 in May. Over the two years I have had opportunities to educate myself on the importance of nutrition and diet and have since given up on any fads that are not lifestyle-sustaining. The best and most sustaining way I've found to get my body where it needs to be is by counting macros. I started doing this religiously at the end of January, had my numbers adjusted the end of February, started to lose inches, and then got sick and let it all go to crap. This week I am back to counting macros and keeping up on my lifestyle change. 

Macro counting is tracking how many calories, fats, carbs, and proteins I eat each day. I have numbers customized to my body type and activity level, and I'm supposed to stay within those given numbers. For those curious, I eat about 1800-2000 calories a day with 160g protein, 60g fat, and 190g carbs, I do increase the carbs the day before and the day of my long runs. I try to eat as clean and unprocessed as possible, but sometimes I adjust what I am eating so that a treat can fit in my macros and I can enjoy it guilt-free. Many people call it flexible dieting and it helps because you never have to restrict yourself and crash diet. Technically, if it fits your macros, you can eat it!

So, why am I sharing this? I have a few reasons:

1. First, I want you to know that I feel like I've tried it all. Sure, diets will work for many. But they will only work if you can maintain that diet for your entire life. Otherwise, as soon as you stop, the weight will gradually come back. Remember that as you're looking for a diet/exercise plan. It has to be something you can do forever. Also, don't try the medication route. 

2. I am still kind of "new" to counting macros and I feel like I can be more successful if I share that with you. I want to document as time goes on how this new change is working for me and maybe I can answer some questions you might have and share macro-friendly recipes. In short, I need someone to keep me accountable and who better than random people reading my blog?

3. I'm not perfect in the slightest sense. I mess up still. I sneak a cookie or a treat here and there and "forget"to log it. But my new goal this week has been to not do that anymore. I'm going to keep track of everything I eat. Everything. 

I want to explain that I know I am not fat. I don't look in the mirror and hate what I see. 
(Sorry for the picture repeat, it's just the most recent one I have of myself in workout clothes)
My body is stronger and more capable than it has ever been and I know I don't look bad. I know that. My goal, until recently, was always to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight, and if that ever happens I will rejoice!! But I've learned the number on the scale does not matter. My goal is to lean out and get the last two pairs of jeans that I've saved to fit. It doesn't matter what I weigh. So when I talk about dieting and counting macros and eating well, it's not because I think I'm fat. It's because I want to fuel my body and give it what it needs to preform and lean out, and hopefully help me become a better athlete. 

I'm excited to continue this lifestyle change and if you're interested and have any questions, please contact me and we can talk. I feel like my body is unusually stubborn and just WON'T let go of fat easily, so if this works for me to help me achieve what I would like, then it has to work for you, too haha. If it doesn't work, then it doesn't work, and I'm still happy with my body. And at least I know I'm giving my body everything it needs, not restricting or starving myself, and living a healthy lifestyle.

Lastly, I want to talk about the importance of loving who you are regardless of what you weigh or how you look. I looked fantastic before I got pregnant with Brynlie, but I was still insecure and felt terrible about myself because I had gained 10 pounds. Ten. measly. Pounds. I hadn't learned to love myself, I had my self-worth wrapped up in how I looked. That is so, so, so hard not to do in this day and age, and it's something I work on daily. I am not in a perfectly confident place, but I am working on it and getting there. I know that no matter what happens on the outside, I am a pretty great person on the inside, and that won't ever change. And just because I don't look like a fitness model, does not mean I don't look great. So remember to love who you are. Embrace what your talents and what your body can do. Learn to love what makes you unique, because you will never be anyone else. Love who you are. 

Thanks for listening to my weird little story. I'm excited for the future and to share this, along with all other aspects of my life, with y'all. 


So Sore and New Recipes

My alarm went off to run at 5:30 this morning but I just wasn't having it. The nice thing about having my own treadmill is I can basically run whenever, I just have to decide if the inconveniences of waiting until later outweigh the luxury of sleeping in. Today they didn't, and I promptly fell back asleep for another hour and a half. 

It also didn't help that my legs are so sore!!! That's one thing I hate about coming back to the gym after a hiatus. It kind of hurts to walk. And crouch. And sit on the toilet. 

In an effort to help rebuild my muscles, I tried a new protein pancake recipe this morning; brownie batter flavor. 
Mine kind of look like a baby pooped all over them. I also over cooked them so they were really dry (so don't do that), but the flavor was great! You can find the recipe here:
Watch the video on how consistent to make the batter. It's really helpful. Our waffle maker is in storage so I just made pancakes. That is not, in fact, baby poo on top, it's PB2 (powdered peanut butter). And it was good. But maybe next time I'll try the baby poo. 

Cory and I got the kids up and then the girls and I headed to the gym. I tried a new lifting routine before class today and was super sweaty before class even started. Somehow I managed to do 20 minutes of that and 45 minutes of class. I also feel like I crushed it, so it was a good day, even with super sore legs. Much better than yesterday. 

We came home and continued our Harry Potter marathon, which Kennedy insisted we watch from "our new camping chair for our family", as she calls it. We'll have to work on shortening the name. 
I've wanted one of these chair/couch/thingys since I was in my teens and a church leader brought one to youth conference one year. I thought it was the coolest thing. I finally ordered one 17 years later (I needed some time to think about it) and it was literally delivered 20 minutes after we left for Moab, so it hasn't been broken in yet. But in no time I'm sure it'll be dirty, smell like campfire, and have holes burned in the seat from popping embers flying from the fire. 

Finally Brynlie had her nap which meant it was time for me to hit the dreadmill. 
Today's run was ROUGH! My legs had almost nothing to give. I originally wanted to do some speed work but it quickly became evident that wasn't happening. So I kept it a bit slower and did 8 miles at marathon pace. I was feeling discouraged that it was a hard run, but everyone has bad days, plus I'm sore and coming back from a break, so I didn't beat myself up about it. It was hard, but I got it done. 

Also, I usually don't run on days that have that high of mileage and go to the gym. I think it's bad for my body and I don't want to overtrain and get injured or burned out. But it's spring break this week and since I'm a loser, we had nothing else to do. So I broke my rule this week. It was hard. 

After I finally showered and Brynlie woke up, Christmas came early for me. I am so freaking excited for this!! 
I've wanted one for quite a while now and have been saving and today was the day I got to spoil myself. I kept clapping and screaming in the car on the way home and Kennedy kept asking what was wrong with me... I can't wait to try it out! It's currently charging and taking f o r e v e r. My patience has been tested today. 

Random note, I did the dishes!! So I get a huge pat on the back for that as well. Or maybe a Reese's Peanut Butter egg. 

For dinner we tried a new healthier enchilada recipe that I saw on the myfitnesspal blog. All the ingredients sounded awesome so I gave it a whirl. The only crappy part was it called for corn tortillas. Those stupid things are my nemesis!! Does anyone have any tips on how to use them without them crumbling and falling apart?! I heated them up in a damp paper towel like the instructions said they still were a disaster. I finally threw them away and just used leftover low-carb tortillas. They were really good! I think I trust Mexican food more than Cory sometimes. I'll post the recipe tomorrow. 

I'm working on a pretty important blog topic for tomorrow for ya. It's something I've been thinking about for a while and decided now is the time. So stay tuned for that. Hopefully it'll turn out the way I'm imagining. 


What The Crap, Utah?!

Forgive the no-post yesterday. We did nothing but pack, drive, unpack, and do laundry; minus a mild fight over the fact that we totally forgot Easter baskets and a brief but yummy dinner with the Hunter's. 

So yeah, we win crappiest parents-of-the-year for forgetting Easter. But the Easter bunny came this morning to make up for it, and we talked about the real meaning of Easter last night before bed. So hopefully we slightly redeemed ourselves. 

I was planning on a 17 mile run this morning, but then I woke up and saw the weather was being a total douche. 
What the crap, Utah?! STOP SNOWING!!! "I love Utah spring weather!" - said no one ever. 

Anyway, I had to adjust my plans yet again. After 10 days of nothing, I'm getting pretty nervous I've messed up my training, but I'm sure I'll be fine. Instead I hit the gym and saw everyone I've been missing during my time away. The kids were so excited to go back! It was pretty rough though. I feel like coming back from illness AND vacation was a double whammy and I barely made it through. 

Then we did our grocery shopping and meal prepping:
And I worked like a mad woman while Brynlie slept doing more laundry, cleaning, vacuuming, more meal prepping, and I thought about doing the dishes, so that kind of counts. Then I had a date with the treadmill. 
5 easy miles at 9:02 average. I usually like to end my easier runs with a mile or two at faster speeds. That's probably bad, but it gets the treadmill over with faster. I also prefer running in the wee hours when the kids aren't awake to try and throw things on the belt while I'm running, and I can open a window or something to cool down. It gets SO HOT! So today I didn't have that luxury and I was a giant ball of sweat. And one Easter egg lost its life because I let my guard down and didn't see it fly down the belt in time. Oh, children... 

It's been good to get back to the routine. Although staying in my macros was a little harder today after not counting for a week. But I'm all prepped now with meals and snacks to eat right and fuel my body properly. Let's do this!! 

We are currently having yet another Harry Potter movie marathon, per request of Kennedy, and I'm cuddled in the most insanely soft and cozy blanket I have ever felt, that I 100% impulse bought at Costco today. I was FREEZING and it just felt right. And it was only $9. 
That's all I've got for you today. Tomorrow will be less busy and hopefully a little more exciting. For now I'm cuddling my girls. Catch y'all later! 

Honorable mention:
He was trying to make the girls laugh. He's kind of the best dad ever. 


Moab Day 4

I think today was the most fun so far. It was also the most exhausting. My planned run this morning didn't happen. My alarm never went off and by the time we all woke up, we were hungry and ready to get the day rolling. 

We decided to head into town for breakfast this morning and made it just in time to see hundreds of Jeeps depart for Big Saturday. All but 3 trails are full on Saturday and in order to get everyone organized and lined up, they temporarily shut down the main road so everyone can line up for their trail and head out together. It was a pretty cool sight. 

I have video of them driving off, and if I was a good blogger I would post it, but I'm on limited phone-battery life, so I'll skip that part. 

We had a yummy breakfast at Moab Diner after the Jeeps left and then we headed to Potato Salad Hill. This obstacle used to be "The Shiz" (<---- that's what Mormon's say) back in the day before Jeeps and rigs got to be as huge as they are these days. Years ago you could see someone roll over about every 15 minutes and getting up the hill was actually a challenge. Now, not so much. We stayed for a little bit but it was pretty cold and windy and no one was doing anything that cool. 

After Potato Salad we went climbing!!! I was so stoked to take Kennedy for her first time. We got to the route just as a family with kids was leaving and she got to see some girls doing it. I thought, "Yes! She really wants to go, and now she can see how much fun these kids are having!" And she really was so excited, even after it took us forever to get the rope routed and set up. But then her shoes kept slipping (we need to get her climbing shoes) and she was hangry and it just didn't pan out. Her face says it all. 
That's as high as she got. We'll try again another day. 

We hadn't been climbing in years, since before Brynlie, and we usually go with people more experienced than we are. Today I cashed in my "climbing virgin" card because suddenly I was the only one who knew how to do everything. I even got to clean the climb when we were done, which I've never done before. Minus being slightly terrified of falling to my death, I feel like I handled it pretty well, and by pretty well I mean I was desperately praying I was doing everything right and my kids wouldn't witness their mother's demise. But it all went well and I left feeling kind of badass (<--- Mormon's usually don't say that, but I'm not perfect). 

We were all pretty hungry so we hit up the dollar menu at McDonalds and drove down Kane Creek Canyon. I think that area is my absolute favorite in all of Moab. It is so freaking gorgeous!!! Then the kids were ready to be set free from their seat belts, so we took them to the park where we all had so much fun! We love this park. 

This 4-way see-saw is actually flipping awesome, and Cory and I may have acted like total fools laughing our guts out trying to launch each other off. Then I told Cory to take a picture, and he tried to make it look like the dinosaur was eating my head... Reeeeaaalll mature.... 

I'm pretty sure Brynlie thought the swing was "the Shiz". This picture of her sure is. 
Some of us worked up more of an appetite than others when we finally left the park
Tin foil dinners were on the menu tonight, but it was pretty darn windy and cold, so we traded in huddling around our fire pit for letting someone else cook in an indoor establishment. The food was meh, but I'm guessing that's how our tin foil dinners would have been, too. 
These two are just too much fun!!
We ended our fun day by going swimming at the Marriott hotel's pool with our friends who were staying there. Even though it was cold outside and windy, the water temperature was perfect and the kids had a total blast! So much in fact, they crashed as soon as we got back to camp. What a perfect day! 

Side note: I really had hoped to stay on track and eat on the healthier side, minus some s'mores and treats here and there, but this trip has been bad. Like, BAD. So, what happens in Moab, stays in Moab. I'm so really to get back home to things that are good for me and to finally, finally, get back to my gym and training plan. However, this trip was awesome, and 1,000% worth it. I don't want to leave in the morning. 


Moab Day 3: Wipe Out Hill

Today was Jeep Safari day!!!! 

We woke up, got ready in a jiff, and went to the line up point to wait for the whole group 
We did Wipe Out Hill today which was tons of fun. One of my favorite things about going off road is being able to see gorgeous scenery that otherwise would have been missed. 
Being with the safari was tons of fun! 
The leader was saying this was one of the first groups where every vehicle was an actual Jeep. Usually there's a Toyota or a Bronco or something thrown in the mix. But not this time. 

The girls were representing their new shirts today! Getting a decent picture was pretty freaking impossible. 

The trail was mostly easy to moderate which meant the girls had fun on some bouncy parts. And we had fun actually getting to listen to our own music! (Mixed in with the My Little Pony soundtrack and Taylor Swift... Yuck) 
There was one kind of nasty hill that Cory navigated like a champ 
And then we reached the actual Wipe Out Hill. Again, he made it look easy, and the picture doesn't do an ounce of justice to how steep it was. But Cory said it freaked him out pretty bad. 
Boys and their toys. 
After a few hours in the car we decided to stop at the huge sand hill outside of Arches National Park and let the girls play. Of course, Brynlie hated the sand and freaked when her feet touched it. But Kennedy had a blast! 

So dirty! 
But so happy. 
We went back to camp and Kennedy got a shower since she had sand clumped up in all kinds of places... 

Then the night got interesting. Tonight is the last night of the expo where they do a massive drawing for all kinds of donated items (tires, axle's, lift kits, etc.) and since this is the 50th anniversary they are giving away a Jeep, which will be given away last, and you have to be present to win. So... We tried going to the expo with the kids and lasted about 45 minutes and realized that since the drawing didn't even start for another 45 minutes, there was no way the girls and I were staying. We drove around town and got ice cream and are currently snuggled up in the trailer watching a movie on an 8" screen that we can barely hear. But this is nice:

It's been colder than we would like and today has been windy (I hate wind above all else!) so this is really our only option. At least they're tired so when the sun goes down I can put them to bed and have some alone time. I should have brought a book...

Overall today was fun and I'm glad we still get one more full day in our version of paradise!