Midway Getaway!!

How was everyone's Valentine's Day? We didn't do much. We tried out a New Mexican restaurant Saturday evening that was two thumbs down. And Sunday we just hung out and made a great dinner for my mom for her birthday that was last week. 
Monday we had a special surprise planned for the girls (and ourselves). I totally stole this idea from another blogger. The idea was too good NOT to do. We booked a hotel room in Heber City for the night and went up to get away and spend some time together and see the ice castles. 

These cuties are so easy to please because they thought the big hotel beds were the only surprise and they loved it! 
First up on the agenda was swimming!!!! 
We had the whole place to ourselves which meant we were naughty and let the kids in the hot tub. The pool was pretty cold for Brynlie so she kept needing to be warmed up. We had tons of fun though! 
Kennedy has turned into quite the little fish. 

When did she get so big?! And so unwilling to be safe around the pool? She has zero fear! 
After swimming we had quick showers and headed to the store to buy some essentials.
Then we hit up dinner at Tarahumara. I felt brave and tried some pretty spicy salsas from their salsa bar and paid for it with wicked breath, a tongue that burned all night, and severe heartburn all night. But it was yummy. 

Next was the ice castles!! Kennedy was so excited to see them but was also very tired and cranky from swimming; you'll see evidence of this in the pictures. They were pretty cool! There were tunnels and slides, slot canyons and a maze... Elsa and Anna were there too, for extra $$ of course, but Kennedy got a glimpse. 

Cruising on the slides. 

See the grouchy? 

After we saw all we wanted to see we headed back to the hotel and tried popping some popcorn in the oldest microwave known to man but only got about half the bag to pop. Then the girls were so exhausted they both crashed at 9 pm with lights and the tv on. I felt like they slept really well for the most part, but Brynlie did wake up at about 6 a.m. disoriented and scared so Cory brought her in bed with us until 8. 

After a slow morning we ate the continental breakfast, which was actually pretty decent, and headed to the outlets. I found it ironic that we went up to Heber to see blue sky and sunshine and it was cold and foggy. 
But Park City wasn't too bad, and the weather back at home has been so freaking awesome! 

We went to the Columbia outlet and they had insanely awesome sales. We got Kennedy some hiking shoes for this summer,
Brynlie a fleece jacket and Kennedy a rain jacket all for $50! The shoes alone were that much without the sale. I was pumped!! 

Once we got back down into the valley the weather was exceptionally warm and sunny. It was in the mid 50's today! After a short nap (I never sleep well anywhere but my own bed so I was tired) I was able to do my run outside in a tank top and shorts! It was so wonderful!! 
And I am loving the forecast outlook

Also, random... But did anyone else see this article? I'm a total believer in Bigfoot, or should I say, Cain. I'm actually terrified of him. Like, irrationally. This is the second video I've seen of a sighting in the mountains above Utah Valley. 
Whether it's real or not is obviously impossible to tell, and I don't care one way or another, but the idea of Cain wandering the earth freaks me out. 

Anywho, back to happy things, we had a great time getting away. We usually don't do things like this in the winter but I'm vowing to make it more permanent because it's been wonderful. Hopefully spring is right around the corner so we can get to camping!! 

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