Blogging Jinx

It's a little funny that yesterday I blogged about bruising on my legs... 
Because today I jinxed myself and had an accident that I'm sure will develop the mother of all bruises. 

If you're familiar with box jumps, we do those at our gym but on huge Cat tires of varying sizes. Lately, we've been taking those a step further for our cardio portion by doing what are called bar hops. You basically hurdle over bars of varying heights back and forth. Today I decided to attempt jumping over the highest bar. It was only slightly taller than the tallest Cat tire, which I can get on just fine. After making a spectacle trying to get the guts to do it, I jumped... And made it! I was so pumped I jumped again... And made it again! I started cheering for myself that I was doing it, which made the people who were initially waiting for me to try it turn and watch just as I made my 3rd  attempt... And didn't make it. My right foot caught on the bar and my right leg went back and the rest of me went over the bar. I have zero idea how I landed right side up without face planting and taking out my nose, since that's the biggest thing on my face. But I'm eternally grateful. I felt stupid that everyone watched me fail, but mostly my shin was in blinding pain! It started to swell immediately and I had to stop the workout and throw some ice on it. Not my proudest moment, but dang it, at least I tried! 
I can walk on it mostly fine but it's pretty sore. I'm hoping it feels ok enough to run on Saturday. We shall see. And I'm waiting to see how gnarly it looks after a few days. I'll keep you updated. 

We picked up Kennedy from preschool and had a quick snack, then headed back to the school to meet with her teachers and talk about the amazing progress she has made this year with speech. She is doing so well!! To celebrate, I decided to take the girls out to lunch afterward. 

I tried to keep my lunch on the healthier side but I cannot resist sweet potato fries. 
Lunch was actually a disaster thanks to the girls, so I shoveled it in and got my monsters out as fast as I could. I had planned on doing fun things today with them but my leg was hurting, I still needed to shower (I was scared to death of how bad the water would hurt) and they were driving me insane and not listening. Kennedy did tell me that Jesus ate at Habit Burger a long time ago, so... I tried to shoo them out reverently.  

Home we went! I tried to clean the house but if you have kids, you know how pointless that can be. I hate days where I start out wanting to be all organized and get everything done and then I end up doing none of it. It makes me cranky. The kids have been having trouble falling asleep the last couple nights so they've been grouchy as well. I don't know what the deal is but they just keep playing and laughing and/or yelling at each other for at least an hour after we leave their room. I'm trying to put an end to it PRONTO! 
Another thing making me bonkers is the air. Cory sent me this picture this morning at the top of the mine. Those aren't clouds, that's the inversion. So freaking gross! The sun can't even shine through it. January and February are on my list of things that must go. 
But, life goes on. Things will get better. Plus it's almost the weekend, which I feel like since I'm working, I get to celebrate that a little bit now, even though my other job as a mom never stops. Happy Thursday everyone! It's almost Friday!! 

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