Well, Are You Surprised? Like, Honestly?

Remember my New Years resolution to blog 3 days a week? 

*insert laughing-so-hard-it's-crying-emoji*

Yeah... Week one and I didn't blog once. But, that doesn't mean I've failed. It just means I need to keep trying. 

My other resolutions are coming along though. I've been eating right and feeling great and working on improving myself. But let's get real, you don't care about those. 

Our house is slowly coming along. We almost have all the old hardwood floors torn up. That is a job. Not only is it hard to rip the floors out, but then it leaves hundreds upon hundreds of nails in the sub floor that have to be pulled out with a hammer. But other than the main bathroom, demo is almost done. I'll try and get some pictures next time we are up there working on it. Then we can start electrical and plumbing. I get really excited, then super overwhelmed, then stressed out, then excited... It's kind of tough. Mostly I've had a hard time because Cory is either at work or away working on the house. We miss him, and I wasn't cut out to be a single mother 7 days a week. Finding a balance is hard. But it'll be worth it in the end. 

Allison is doing so well! She was almost ready to come home and then started having some oxygen issues and they decided to keep her longer. 
I'm still just so anxious to hold her! Hopefully in the next week or two she will be home. 

Last weekend we went out for lunch as a family 
And then to the Salt Lake Home Show. I was disappointed in the type of vendors they had. We found plenty of people to come give us bids on new Windows but hardly any kitchen/counter-top peeps. I guess we will just have to ask around when we're ready to start thinking about a kitchen install. We still have lots to do before then. 

That's basically it for now. Our lives are so boring! Any suggestions for free, winter fun? I could totally use them! 

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