Tuesday Randomness

These two have been so much fun the last couple days. And also exhausting. Very, very exhausting. 
I remember being so bummed both times that we weren't having a boy, and now I wouldn't want it any other way. I love that they have each other. I think I say that every single time I blog. But I am. 

I think Facebook is stupid but I have enjoyed being shown my posts and memories from the past years. This one popped up the other day and I swooned. Those eyes!  
The other thing I think Facebook is useful for are those Tasty videos that I probably spend way too much time watching. I even watch the recipes with alcohol. There's something strangely addicting about them. Anyway, I've tried a couple recipes from them and they've been great, but last nights dinner was a winner!!! Taco stuffed peppers. 
I'm blogging from my phone and can't link the YouTube video but if you go to YouTube and search "tasty taco stuffed peppers" it'll pop right up. I'm not super in love with bell peppers so I've never tried stuffing them before, but I loved it. If you try it, I replaced the ground beef with ground turkey, and the rice with quinoa. I also was much lighter on the cheese since I'm not really a cheese person. I topped mine with cool plain Greek yogurt and couldn't shut up the whole dinner time about how amazing they were. 

Someone posted this on my running group page and I laughed pretty hard. This is so me! I check every time I go! 

My mom has been repainting one of her bedrooms and has been rearranging books. Of course she's had two little red-headed helpers - whether she's wanted them or not - and during one such time Kennedy found an unused Book of Mormon and just about pooped bricks that she got to keep it. She's carried "her scriptures" everywhere since. It gives me a slight glimmer of hope that maybe I'm getting through with spiritual matters. Or at least someone is. 

Last night was very special to me. I finally got a chance to get away with my mom and go see Allison. They were hopeful she would get to come home last weekend but then she's started having breathing problems again. She has to go 7 consecutive days without issues before they will release her, which hasn't happened yet. But, I got to hold her. And I was in absolute baby heaven! She is so sweet! 
She cuddled right up to me and we became buddies instantly. 
And I couldn't stop staring at her. 
I can't wait for her to come home so I can get more snuggle time. I have been crazy baby-hungry lately. Let me clarify that being baby-hungry DOES NOT mean we have plans for another anytime soon. But I've missed holding little newborns who don't wiggle away or protest, that make cute little squeaky sounds and smell like a new little person. It was a much needed baby-fix. 

My poor mom is going to need all new furniture by the time we move out. 
The first thing on our list to buy after we move into our house; a trampoline. For obvious reasons. 

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