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I think in general kids are kind of weird, but sometimes I'm positive my kids have an extra dose of abnormal in them. Kennedy will only interact with adults she doesn't know by pretending to be an animal. Today in church Brynlie was eating crayons, and the other night in the bath tub, she gave herself a hicky:
I won't lie, I laughed. Hard. 

Um, please check out these ridiculous eye lashes!
She begged me to share my makeup with her and I couldn't resist. I am jealous of her long, peeper-lashes. 

Alright, I told you I would get house pictures and I did. They're not that exciting right now because things are just torn apart, but I'll share them anyway. 

This is our master bedroom and we have the whole house cleared of all the old flooring, down to the sub-floor, like this. Yay!! No more nail-pulling! 
Here's our master bathroom from the master bedroom entrance. The bathroom was just a toilet and sink, but we knocked out the wall between the bathroom and the closet in the room next to it: (here's a pic from the other side, in the other bedroom)
And we will be putting a shower where the closet was, and rebuilding the closet out further into that third bedroom. It will make the 3rd bedroom pretty small, but it's still big enough to function and hold children. We are currently trying to decide if we want to do double shower heads in the shower. Has anyone had them before? Are they nice? How fast do you run out of hot water with double the heads? 

Another project was moving the doorway into the girls' room. The original doorway opened right into the kitchen and living room and was kind of weird, especially after we opened everything up. So Cory had the genius idea to close it up and put in a new doorway further down the hall. 
(New doorway)
So now all three bedroom entrances are right by each other and the main bathroom. 

Next weekend we get to install a massive beam in the ceiling to support the roof since we removed some load-baring walls. Cory is also going to start electrical and plumbing, and we've picked a window company to replace the upstairs Windows in the next 6 weeks or so. That alone will make a massive difference in the house, especially since the windows are so big. I'll keep you posted on exciting things. 

The other night Kennedy brought Cory a book and told him he needed to read it to me. He obeyed. 

And just because I love when they play together

I start my training plan for the Ogden Marathon in May this coming week. I'm terrified and excited and feeling a little jipped that it snuck up on me so fast. I wasn't ready for it. But it'll be good to lace up my shoes more and get out! Bring it on! 

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