Kids and Runs (Not the Poopy Kind)

I wish I had something cool to blog about, like real life passions or deep, heartfelt stories. But my life from day to day is literally this:
Wake up
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday's I run before the kids wake up. 
Then I dress and feed myself. 
Then I dress and feed my kids. 
We are out the door every morning by 9 for the gym, and two of those days every week I take Kennedy to school first. 
Gym time lasts an hour and a half. 
I recently started a new job (more on that in a second) so now I spend a couple hours a day doing that. 
Then it's home for naps, lunch, shower, usually an I'm-so-tired-I-just-sat-down-and-fell-asleep-on-accident 20 minute nap while Kennedy makes herself chocolate milk without my knowledge. 
Wake Brynlie up. 
Make dinner. 
Devour dinner. 
Plan next day's meals and enter them in myfitnesspal pal. 
Bedtime routine. 
A couple hours to myself. 

And repeat. 

So until something amazing happens in all that chaos, then you get my randomness. Or until winter is over, whichever happens first. 

Ok, so new job. I've been stressing about money for our home reno because that crap ain't cheap and I wanted to help in any way I could. After some prayer, I was presented with an opportunity that I know was the answer to them. I am now working 10 hours a week writing parking tickets at a high school. Boo yah. I get to take the kids with me, I can do the paperwork part at home, I'm constantly pissing off high school kids, and all the walking in the parking lot has really amped up my daily steps. Everyone wins! Well, except the high school kids. It's perfect enough that it doesn't consume my life and yet it's extra money. Not tons, but it'll help. I'm actually really excited. I hope to keep it as long as possible. After the house is done it would be nice to use that extra money to go on some vacations together as a family. But we shall see. This was week one and it went well, other than it being cold. 

Speaking of home reno, apparently we need to start employing some child labor. They love this home improvement crap, it turns out! 

Also speaking of chaos, at the gym I like to take out any unhappy feelings on the punching bags. It is hands-down my favorite thing we do there. I can't explain how much I love beating the living shiznit out of that thing. But this week aggression and gloves-that-didn't-fit-right had a baby, and it walloped on my finger. Pretty, no? 

I've been taking as many runs as I can outside lately and I'm weirdly starting to tolerate the treadmill. I feel like my mentality this training cycle has changed from immense fear to just "git er done!" I'm really excited for this year. My ligaments have been hurting again after longer runs, but I'm hoping it's just because I took so much time off and need to build up to it again. Either way, I'm starting to take the dive and register for races! I'm in the process of registering for the Ogden Marathon (I'm buying someone else's bib so there's transfer stuff to take care of) and yesterday I registered for this beauty. 
Unless I lose my mind, Ogden will be my only full this year. But I'm dying to try some new halfs. 

In other news, the girls and I tried to have a date night tonight. I had another accidental power nap this afternoon (I kept having that split-second dream thingy where it feels like you're falling and you jerk awake over and over) so I felt up for leaving the house. 

We went to an outdoor mall just as a storm blew in and it rained on us everywhere we went. We didn't find anything cool to buy and in Ulta, Brynlie took off in a full sprint away from me, giggling her heart out, and disappeared like a flash. My legs were super sore today so I wasn't able to bound off after her. Kennedy takes her big sister title very seriously and saw my predicament and chased off after her. I stood there mortified as I listened to their screams and giggles coming from all over the store (I couldn't see them) and heard crashing sounds in the exact vicinity of their giggles. Finally I heard them in the back and I came around from the other side and eventually cut off their path, grabbed them both and left as quickly as I could vowing to beat the crap out of them as soon as we reached the car. But by the time we got there we were so wet and cold I just forcefully put them in the backseat and cranked my tunes. 
Moral of the story: it's worth it to take the stroller when you're running in a store "real quick". 

Anyway, I also had dinner on the plan for the night, so we hit up Chili's so we could see Aunt Hillary. They put us in a table that was too tall for a high chair, so once again Brynlie was allowed to roam wild and free in our booth... And the table... And the floor... And the walls... I also wouldn't trust the salt shaker ever again if I wasn't a member of her family... 

But we ate, and that was our goal, right? 
I spent $5 on dinner for Brynlie so she could not touch it and eat all my corn and fries, because hers weren't good enough. Being a parent is awesome. 

When we got home we spent some time playing together. Kennedy kept flashing us her belly button 
And then we watched YouTube videos with thunder and lightening. Because it was raining tonight Kennedy kept insisting there would be thunder and lightening. There was wind, and when it blew the chairs on the deck around a little, and kind of sounded like thunder, this was her reaction. 
I would have to sleep in my parents bedroom from paralyzingly fear of lightening and loud thunder, but Kennedy gets so excited about it she almost spontaneously combusts. Go figure. 

Next we practiced saying "cheese" for the camera. The girls have perfected it but I think I'm a lost cause (this really is a bad picture of me but the girls are so cute I can't stand it) 
And then I finally got some alone time. 
I'm both disgusted and impressed with the amount of that frozen custard I ate tonight. PMS at its finest. 

And speaking of... Is this frighteningly true for anyone else? 

I got my long run done today so tomorrow I get to rest and relax, which means the girls will wake up earlier than usual and be cranky. But it's ok because we are trying a new (to us) Mexican joint tomorrow night that has amazing reviews and all will be right in the world again. Tonight, I dream of tacos. 


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