Excitement For Our Weekend

I have some amazing news...


Last night Collin and Natalie came over after dinner and surprised us walking in carrying her in the car seat. I sort of came out of my skin, and I'm not ashamed of that. I had a hunch they were going to try and surprise us and I was desperately hoping I wasn't wrong. So the second I saw her I started jumping on the couch and screaming, "I knew it! I knew it!" You know, because I'm obnoxious like that. 
We are so dang excited for them that she is finally out of the hospital. It's been 3 long months and she's still on oxygen, but she's doing awesome! Kennedy has been dying to meet her. She was pretty bummed she couldn't hold her, but still marveled at her new (to her), tiny cousin. 

Brynlie looked...
And then took full advantage of everyone's distraction by stealing our phones. She's no dummy. 

Cory finally got to hold her. 
This looks good on him :) 
I tried to get a hand-size-comparison-picture to show how truly tiny she is for being 3 months old. She just barely cleared 5lbs. 
There was so much happiness and joy in the house. <---- whenever I say "in the house" I feel like I'm on The Bachelor or The Real World. But, there was. She's home!!!!! 

Brynlie's day didn't go quite as planned last week:
She keeps insisting on getting in that Jeep, even though She doesn't fit. 

I started training for the Ogden Marathon last week and instantly got super worried because my love of running just wasn't there. I don't have words for how much I hate the treadmill and since it's winter, the majority of my weekly runs have to be on there. But, it didn't take much for that to dissipate and I feel ready to go. One thing that has helped are my AMAZING shoes, Hoka One One Clifton 2's. 
Ignore all the clashing colors, it was cold for my long run so I bundled up in what I had. But these things are so incredibly comfortable. I get really excited when I get to wear them because they're so good on my feet. They're like running on a bouncy gymnastics floor. I love them. So much. 

Saturday Kennedy climbed on my lap just to cuddle. I died and went to heaven. 

These funny things have been popping up all over Facebook. I thought mine was hysterical because I know a few people who photoshop their selfies and think we can't tell. 
Cory got the support beams installed in the ceiling so now our house won't cave in. That was sure swell of him. 
And this literally broke my heart. 
I didn't watch much of the coverage but what I did see was so sad and yet so cool to see all the support. Cory's best friend is a police officer so these stories shake me up a little. 

And lastly, because I am craving sunshine and warm weather, here is a picture of the flower my Mom and Kennedy are growing together. It's gorgeous. 

Enjoy the rest of your Monday! I'm hoping this week is a great one! 

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