Kids and Runs (Not the Poopy Kind)

I wish I had something cool to blog about, like real life passions or deep, heartfelt stories. But my life from day to day is literally this:
Wake up
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday's I run before the kids wake up. 
Then I dress and feed myself. 
Then I dress and feed my kids. 
We are out the door every morning by 9 for the gym, and two of those days every week I take Kennedy to school first. 
Gym time lasts an hour and a half. 
I recently started a new job (more on that in a second) so now I spend a couple hours a day doing that. 
Then it's home for naps, lunch, shower, usually an I'm-so-tired-I-just-sat-down-and-fell-asleep-on-accident 20 minute nap while Kennedy makes herself chocolate milk without my knowledge. 
Wake Brynlie up. 
Make dinner. 
Devour dinner. 
Plan next day's meals and enter them in myfitnesspal pal. 
Bedtime routine. 
A couple hours to myself. 

And repeat. 

So until something amazing happens in all that chaos, then you get my randomness. Or until winter is over, whichever happens first. 

Ok, so new job. I've been stressing about money for our home reno because that crap ain't cheap and I wanted to help in any way I could. After some prayer, I was presented with an opportunity that I know was the answer to them. I am now working 10 hours a week writing parking tickets at a high school. Boo yah. I get to take the kids with me, I can do the paperwork part at home, I'm constantly pissing off high school kids, and all the walking in the parking lot has really amped up my daily steps. Everyone wins! Well, except the high school kids. It's perfect enough that it doesn't consume my life and yet it's extra money. Not tons, but it'll help. I'm actually really excited. I hope to keep it as long as possible. After the house is done it would be nice to use that extra money to go on some vacations together as a family. But we shall see. This was week one and it went well, other than it being cold. 

Speaking of home reno, apparently we need to start employing some child labor. They love this home improvement crap, it turns out! 

Also speaking of chaos, at the gym I like to take out any unhappy feelings on the punching bags. It is hands-down my favorite thing we do there. I can't explain how much I love beating the living shiznit out of that thing. But this week aggression and gloves-that-didn't-fit-right had a baby, and it walloped on my finger. Pretty, no? 

I've been taking as many runs as I can outside lately and I'm weirdly starting to tolerate the treadmill. I feel like my mentality this training cycle has changed from immense fear to just "git er done!" I'm really excited for this year. My ligaments have been hurting again after longer runs, but I'm hoping it's just because I took so much time off and need to build up to it again. Either way, I'm starting to take the dive and register for races! I'm in the process of registering for the Ogden Marathon (I'm buying someone else's bib so there's transfer stuff to take care of) and yesterday I registered for this beauty. 
Unless I lose my mind, Ogden will be my only full this year. But I'm dying to try some new halfs. 

In other news, the girls and I tried to have a date night tonight. I had another accidental power nap this afternoon (I kept having that split-second dream thingy where it feels like you're falling and you jerk awake over and over) so I felt up for leaving the house. 

We went to an outdoor mall just as a storm blew in and it rained on us everywhere we went. We didn't find anything cool to buy and in Ulta, Brynlie took off in a full sprint away from me, giggling her heart out, and disappeared like a flash. My legs were super sore today so I wasn't able to bound off after her. Kennedy takes her big sister title very seriously and saw my predicament and chased off after her. I stood there mortified as I listened to their screams and giggles coming from all over the store (I couldn't see them) and heard crashing sounds in the exact vicinity of their giggles. Finally I heard them in the back and I came around from the other side and eventually cut off their path, grabbed them both and left as quickly as I could vowing to beat the crap out of them as soon as we reached the car. But by the time we got there we were so wet and cold I just forcefully put them in the backseat and cranked my tunes. 
Moral of the story: it's worth it to take the stroller when you're running in a store "real quick". 

Anyway, I also had dinner on the plan for the night, so we hit up Chili's so we could see Aunt Hillary. They put us in a table that was too tall for a high chair, so once again Brynlie was allowed to roam wild and free in our booth... And the table... And the floor... And the walls... I also wouldn't trust the salt shaker ever again if I wasn't a member of her family... 

But we ate, and that was our goal, right? 
I spent $5 on dinner for Brynlie so she could not touch it and eat all my corn and fries, because hers weren't good enough. Being a parent is awesome. 

When we got home we spent some time playing together. Kennedy kept flashing us her belly button 
And then we watched YouTube videos with thunder and lightening. Because it was raining tonight Kennedy kept insisting there would be thunder and lightening. There was wind, and when it blew the chairs on the deck around a little, and kind of sounded like thunder, this was her reaction. 
I would have to sleep in my parents bedroom from paralyzingly fear of lightening and loud thunder, but Kennedy gets so excited about it she almost spontaneously combusts. Go figure. 

Next we practiced saying "cheese" for the camera. The girls have perfected it but I think I'm a lost cause (this really is a bad picture of me but the girls are so cute I can't stand it) 
And then I finally got some alone time. 
I'm both disgusted and impressed with the amount of that frozen custard I ate tonight. PMS at its finest. 

And speaking of... Is this frighteningly true for anyone else? 

I got my long run done today so tomorrow I get to rest and relax, which means the girls will wake up earlier than usual and be cranky. But it's ok because we are trying a new (to us) Mexican joint tomorrow night that has amazing reviews and all will be right in the world again. Tonight, I dream of tacos. 



Excitement For Our Weekend

I have some amazing news...


Last night Collin and Natalie came over after dinner and surprised us walking in carrying her in the car seat. I sort of came out of my skin, and I'm not ashamed of that. I had a hunch they were going to try and surprise us and I was desperately hoping I wasn't wrong. So the second I saw her I started jumping on the couch and screaming, "I knew it! I knew it!" You know, because I'm obnoxious like that. 
We are so dang excited for them that she is finally out of the hospital. It's been 3 long months and she's still on oxygen, but she's doing awesome! Kennedy has been dying to meet her. She was pretty bummed she couldn't hold her, but still marveled at her new (to her), tiny cousin. 

Brynlie looked...
And then took full advantage of everyone's distraction by stealing our phones. She's no dummy. 

Cory finally got to hold her. 
This looks good on him :) 
I tried to get a hand-size-comparison-picture to show how truly tiny she is for being 3 months old. She just barely cleared 5lbs. 
There was so much happiness and joy in the house. <---- whenever I say "in the house" I feel like I'm on The Bachelor or The Real World. But, there was. She's home!!!!! 

Brynlie's day didn't go quite as planned last week:
She keeps insisting on getting in that Jeep, even though She doesn't fit. 

I started training for the Ogden Marathon last week and instantly got super worried because my love of running just wasn't there. I don't have words for how much I hate the treadmill and since it's winter, the majority of my weekly runs have to be on there. But, it didn't take much for that to dissipate and I feel ready to go. One thing that has helped are my AMAZING shoes, Hoka One One Clifton 2's. 
Ignore all the clashing colors, it was cold for my long run so I bundled up in what I had. But these things are so incredibly comfortable. I get really excited when I get to wear them because they're so good on my feet. They're like running on a bouncy gymnastics floor. I love them. So much. 

Saturday Kennedy climbed on my lap just to cuddle. I died and went to heaven. 

These funny things have been popping up all over Facebook. I thought mine was hysterical because I know a few people who photoshop their selfies and think we can't tell. 
Cory got the support beams installed in the ceiling so now our house won't cave in. That was sure swell of him. 
And this literally broke my heart. 
I didn't watch much of the coverage but what I did see was so sad and yet so cool to see all the support. Cory's best friend is a police officer so these stories shake me up a little. 

And lastly, because I am craving sunshine and warm weather, here is a picture of the flower my Mom and Kennedy are growing together. It's gorgeous. 

Enjoy the rest of your Monday! I'm hoping this week is a great one! 


Tuesday Randomness

These two have been so much fun the last couple days. And also exhausting. Very, very exhausting. 
I remember being so bummed both times that we weren't having a boy, and now I wouldn't want it any other way. I love that they have each other. I think I say that every single time I blog. But I am. 

I think Facebook is stupid but I have enjoyed being shown my posts and memories from the past years. This one popped up the other day and I swooned. Those eyes!  
The other thing I think Facebook is useful for are those Tasty videos that I probably spend way too much time watching. I even watch the recipes with alcohol. There's something strangely addicting about them. Anyway, I've tried a couple recipes from them and they've been great, but last nights dinner was a winner!!! Taco stuffed peppers. 
I'm blogging from my phone and can't link the YouTube video but if you go to YouTube and search "tasty taco stuffed peppers" it'll pop right up. I'm not super in love with bell peppers so I've never tried stuffing them before, but I loved it. If you try it, I replaced the ground beef with ground turkey, and the rice with quinoa. I also was much lighter on the cheese since I'm not really a cheese person. I topped mine with cool plain Greek yogurt and couldn't shut up the whole dinner time about how amazing they were. 

Someone posted this on my running group page and I laughed pretty hard. This is so me! I check every time I go! 

My mom has been repainting one of her bedrooms and has been rearranging books. Of course she's had two little red-headed helpers - whether she's wanted them or not - and during one such time Kennedy found an unused Book of Mormon and just about pooped bricks that she got to keep it. She's carried "her scriptures" everywhere since. It gives me a slight glimmer of hope that maybe I'm getting through with spiritual matters. Or at least someone is. 

Last night was very special to me. I finally got a chance to get away with my mom and go see Allison. They were hopeful she would get to come home last weekend but then she's started having breathing problems again. She has to go 7 consecutive days without issues before they will release her, which hasn't happened yet. But, I got to hold her. And I was in absolute baby heaven! She is so sweet! 
She cuddled right up to me and we became buddies instantly. 
And I couldn't stop staring at her. 
I can't wait for her to come home so I can get more snuggle time. I have been crazy baby-hungry lately. Let me clarify that being baby-hungry DOES NOT mean we have plans for another anytime soon. But I've missed holding little newborns who don't wiggle away or protest, that make cute little squeaky sounds and smell like a new little person. It was a much needed baby-fix. 

My poor mom is going to need all new furniture by the time we move out. 
The first thing on our list to buy after we move into our house; a trampoline. For obvious reasons. 


Sunday Stuff

I think in general kids are kind of weird, but sometimes I'm positive my kids have an extra dose of abnormal in them. Kennedy will only interact with adults she doesn't know by pretending to be an animal. Today in church Brynlie was eating crayons, and the other night in the bath tub, she gave herself a hicky:
I won't lie, I laughed. Hard. 

Um, please check out these ridiculous eye lashes!
She begged me to share my makeup with her and I couldn't resist. I am jealous of her long, peeper-lashes. 

Alright, I told you I would get house pictures and I did. They're not that exciting right now because things are just torn apart, but I'll share them anyway. 

This is our master bedroom and we have the whole house cleared of all the old flooring, down to the sub-floor, like this. Yay!! No more nail-pulling! 
Here's our master bathroom from the master bedroom entrance. The bathroom was just a toilet and sink, but we knocked out the wall between the bathroom and the closet in the room next to it: (here's a pic from the other side, in the other bedroom)
And we will be putting a shower where the closet was, and rebuilding the closet out further into that third bedroom. It will make the 3rd bedroom pretty small, but it's still big enough to function and hold children. We are currently trying to decide if we want to do double shower heads in the shower. Has anyone had them before? Are they nice? How fast do you run out of hot water with double the heads? 

Another project was moving the doorway into the girls' room. The original doorway opened right into the kitchen and living room and was kind of weird, especially after we opened everything up. So Cory had the genius idea to close it up and put in a new doorway further down the hall. 
(New doorway)
So now all three bedroom entrances are right by each other and the main bathroom. 

Next weekend we get to install a massive beam in the ceiling to support the roof since we removed some load-baring walls. Cory is also going to start electrical and plumbing, and we've picked a window company to replace the upstairs Windows in the next 6 weeks or so. That alone will make a massive difference in the house, especially since the windows are so big. I'll keep you posted on exciting things. 

The other night Kennedy brought Cory a book and told him he needed to read it to me. He obeyed. 

And just because I love when they play together

I start my training plan for the Ogden Marathon in May this coming week. I'm terrified and excited and feeling a little jipped that it snuck up on me so fast. I wasn't ready for it. But it'll be good to lace up my shoes more and get out! Bring it on! 


Well, Are You Surprised? Like, Honestly?

Remember my New Years resolution to blog 3 days a week? 

*insert laughing-so-hard-it's-crying-emoji*

Yeah... Week one and I didn't blog once. But, that doesn't mean I've failed. It just means I need to keep trying. 

My other resolutions are coming along though. I've been eating right and feeling great and working on improving myself. But let's get real, you don't care about those. 

Our house is slowly coming along. We almost have all the old hardwood floors torn up. That is a job. Not only is it hard to rip the floors out, but then it leaves hundreds upon hundreds of nails in the sub floor that have to be pulled out with a hammer. But other than the main bathroom, demo is almost done. I'll try and get some pictures next time we are up there working on it. Then we can start electrical and plumbing. I get really excited, then super overwhelmed, then stressed out, then excited... It's kind of tough. Mostly I've had a hard time because Cory is either at work or away working on the house. We miss him, and I wasn't cut out to be a single mother 7 days a week. Finding a balance is hard. But it'll be worth it in the end. 

Allison is doing so well! She was almost ready to come home and then started having some oxygen issues and they decided to keep her longer. 
I'm still just so anxious to hold her! Hopefully in the next week or two she will be home. 

Last weekend we went out for lunch as a family 
And then to the Salt Lake Home Show. I was disappointed in the type of vendors they had. We found plenty of people to come give us bids on new Windows but hardly any kitchen/counter-top peeps. I guess we will just have to ask around when we're ready to start thinking about a kitchen install. We still have lots to do before then. 

That's basically it for now. Our lives are so boring! Any suggestions for free, winter fun? I could totally use them! 


Well Hello There, 2016!

I told Cory the other night that I used to LOVE New Year's Eve! But in my high school/early college days I always wished I had a boyfriend so I had someone to kiss when the clock strikes midnight. 

Now I'm married and I haven't stayed up till midnight since having kids... 

Sleep is a priority in my aging days. The new year will happen if I kiss someone and cheer or not, so I prefer to spend it doing one of my favorite things. 

That being said we did try to have fun this year. On New Year's Eve we went to dinner at Sizzler with my family and then came back and played card games. I knew I was in trouble when I started yawning and my eyes started watering at 7:30. But we were having fun and pigging out on food. 

At 8:00 pm we pretended it was the new year and let the girls bang pots and pans. They had no idea why mommy was suddenly letting them beat the pans that she yells at them for pulling out of the cupboard the other 364 days of the year, but it was an easy 3 solid minutes of fun. 
Brynlies face is just so stinking perfect. 
We put them to bed and continued playing games until I couldn't take it anymore. After doing my nighty skin care ritual and reading scriptures I was out by 11:30. I almost made it. 

New Year's Day we did the annual ice skating thing with Cory's side of the family. I always look forward to this. His family is seriously the best. I love them. I didn't get any pictures because I was too busy getting my arms ripped out of their sockets trying to help Kennedy learn to skate, so I stole the one I was tagged in on Facebook. 
Kennedy was so excited to go but then after a few rough laps, decided ice skating wasn't for her. Which was fine, my body needed a rest. But we still had fun. 

We all gathered at Cory's parents church and had yummy soups and played games and talked. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! So much that after we were kicked out of the church we moved the festivities to Hillary's house and continued playing games. 
I can't say enough about how blessed I feel to have married into such a wonderful family. They're so close and loving, it's impossible to not feel loved and wanted when you're with them. 

Ok, now for some randomness: 

It took me a whole 5 minutes to teach Kennedy how to play "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" on the piano the other day. Now she sits down and plays it all the time. I am so proud of her! The other day she even tried to teach it to Brynlie. 
And baby Allison is doing so well!!! It got a little scary there for a minute but she's been moved out of the NICU, is taking her feedings by mouth, on the lowest form of assisted oxygen, and really close to getting to come home!!! I can't wait to hold this little babe! 
Thanks for your prayers on her behalf. She's been a miracle baby. Hopefully 2016 will be a great year for her.