I feel like I always end up blogging about my New Year's resolutions and each time I feel really stupid for doing so. But, here we are. I guess I'll never learn. They say you're more successful if you share your goals with others, right? Here are the things I'm hoping to accomplish or improve on in 2016:

Spiritual Resolutions

1. Attend the temple every month.
2. Have family home evening every week. Because of Cory's schedule we can't always do it on a Monday, but I want to start doing it on the nights we can.
3. Pray on my knees. I am the queen of convincing myself I can stay awake in my warm, comfy bed while I pray -- only to wake up a few hours later needing to pee and remembering I never finished my prayers. So, I'm going to get on my knees.

Family Resolutions

1. Make sure Cory and I get a date night at least once a month.
2. Stay off my phone.
3. Get out and do things as much as possible.

Health Resolutions

1. Master pull-ups.
2. I have some running goals I want to accomplish.
3. Be more consistent with eating right and teaching my kids to eat right.

Personal Goals

1. Blog 3 days a week.
2. Make my conversations with other people about them. Because I spent so many years being shy and terrified to talk to people, my brain is trained to worry about what I should say that doesn't make me sound stupid, instead of forgetting myself and asking about other people. I plan on working on that.
3. Look for the positive in everything and everyone.

I'm excited for the coming year and hope to keep improving myself and my life with my family.

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