Random Acts of Camera Roll: Part 7

The last little while I've really been trying to make a valiant effort to stay off my phone during the day. I think if we could add up the amount of time we waste, ignoring those around us by messing around on our devices, we would be disgusted. Too many of us have fallen prisoner to our phones. 
And the worst part is we don't even know how bad it is. It's such a habit that it has been really hard for me to not subconsciously pick up my phone every time I sit down. But I'm getting much better. The down side is I also don't take as many pictures... But I have a few to share with you and some updates. 

I am doing much better. To make a long story short, I had been insanely tired and grumpy the last 6 weeks or so. I was losing interest in things and gaining weight and just not feeling great. We did blood tests to see if my thyroid meds needed to be adjusted or for other issues. Everything came back fine. After some gentle coaxing from Cory I was finally able to see that I was depressed and needed some help. Depression isn't something to be embarrassed by. I'm not unhappy with my life or my marriage, I haven't done anything wrong, etc. It just happens. Sometimes the chemicals in our brains just get off, and we try to fix it but we end up needing some extra help. I think mine was escalated by the weather because I got really bad when the sun disappeared. Either way, my doctor prescribed a mild antidepressant and I am feeling great! I actually feel like a loving, patient mother again. Yay!! 

Allison was transferred to Primary Children's Hospital this week to have heart surgery to close the hole in her heart. It was bigger than they thought, but the surgery went smoothly and the little fighter is recovering and doing well. It breaks my heart that a baby so tiny has to endure so much hardship at the beginning of life, but I know it'll be worth it in the end. She's doing great! 

The other night Brynlie insisted on feeding me mac and cheese, but it had to be one noodle at a time. Any time she accidentally scooped up more than one noodle, she would frantically wave the spoon around until the noodles flew off. 

These two are just... Perfect. They love each other so much! Yes, they fight. But then they do this and my heart explodes. 

It finally snowed here. 25" to be exact. Kennedy was so thrilled and was dying to go out and play in it. Because we got so much, we also had tons of tree branches break off, and one even landed on the power lines to the house... Not good. But everything is back to normal now. I was pretty excited for the snow, too. It looked so pretty! And now that I have a vehicle with 4-wheel drive, I don't care what it does. 

We get to see the new Star Wars on Tuesday. No one spoil it for us. 

Kennedy and I were stupidly playing tug-o-war with a resistance band. It didn't end well, but at least I won-- that's the important thing.  I also got whacked on my shin. It swelled pretty good but didn't bruise which I thought was weird. 

This picture was taken at 10:00 pm while it was snowing. Can you believe how freaking bright it was?! I love when that happens. It's so crazy. 

Gorgeous sunset. Nuff said. 

I miss running season and seeing my friends!

Little Terror has had a sinus infection the last 2 weeks and is finally back to herself. I've missed her smile and mischief.

I would make some kind of vow to blog better but we all know that's not going to happen, given my track record lately. So, you get what you get and you don't throw a fit. 

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