North Pole Express

Man, Christmas is awesome! Like just about everyone, it's always been my favorite time of the year. And it just keeps getting better and better the older our kids get. 

This year we decided we needed to take the financial plunge (Das Espensive!) and ride the North Pole Express in Heber City. Kennedy has been a life-long fan of the movie. In fact it's the one currently playing over and over on the DVD player in the car. We knew with how much she is loving Christmas this year, that we had to go. 
Funny story: I ran around like a crazy person before we left making sure we had everything we needed for the kids; snacks in case they were hungry, coats, gloves, hats, books for Brynlie to keep happy with since the ride was long, diapers, wipes, a blanket, etc. I had a doctors appointment right before we had to leave which only escalated my stress. Luckily he was super fast and we rushed out the door. We were almost to Park City when I realized... I didn't bring a thing for myself. No coat. No gloves. Ah! Luckily Cory brought his coat that is a 3 in 1 and unzipped the outer shell for me to wear. We also lucked out that it was unseasonably warm. 

We didn't tell Kennedy where we were going. I told Brynlie but lucky for me she's a great secret keeper. We decided to stop at Dairy Keen for a quick lunch/dinner since they have the toy train inside and kind of the coolest kids meal toys ever. 
We pulled up at the train depot and Kennedy saw the train and was excited, but when I told her it was the Polar Express and we were going to the North Pole, her face just beamed and she kept running through the doors to get on board. 

We were kind of early so we wandered around and took some pictures 
And then we finally got to board and the excitement was insane! 
Unless you're Brynlie, then licking your coat Mommy just washed is more important. 
We sang songs and were entertained by the elves and whatnot. We finally made it to the "North Pole" and Santa boarded the train. But we had to wait for him to work his way to our car which I really think gave Kennedy anxiety wondering where he was. The train was stopped for a little bit (so Santa could board and they could move the engine to the other side and head back) and when we started moving back, Santa still hadn't showed up and Kennedy thought the train was leaving him and she freaked out! I explained that he was already on the train and he would make his appearance in our car soon enough. 

Finally, he arrived! 
Brynlie looked at him then looked at me like, "That's lame. What else ya got?"
On a scale from 1-10 as far as authentic Santa's go, I'd give this one a 3... I was pretty disappointed. But luckily, I'm not 4 and anything round, red, and with a beard excites Kennedy. 
He tried to talk to Brynlie, but I think she knew he was a fraud, too. 
He gave each of us a bell and wished us a Merry Christmas. 

We had tons of fun! It's not something I would do every year because the excitement and magic would be lost. But I'm really glad we did it at least once. 

We made it home and tucked everyone in bed. 
And hopefully the kids dreamed about Santa and the North Pole. I can't wait for Dec 25th! 

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