Dealing and Happenings

I don't know how this blog turned into a once a week thing. 

Ok, yes I do. I've been dealing with some personal issues the last few weeks and have not been in the mood to blog. My lack of humor in my posts lately really shows that I'm just kind of struggling. I feel like I've lost the ability to write. Don't worry, I will be ok. Hopefully this week things will start to turn around since I am getting some help and advice for the things I've been dealing with. It's nothing super major, I'm just not ready to share it yet until I can put the words together correctly. 

We have been doing some fun things lately, though. This weather is K-I-L-L-I-N-G me but I've been trying to get out and have fun even though the sun has taken a siesta for the winter. The thing I hate the most about living in Utah: the winters and the inversion. Anyway... 

Last week we met up with a friend and finally went inside the Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point. Thanksgiving Point has so much fun stuff to do but it's expensive, and momma is cheap. So we are way behind the times which is why it has taken us this long to go. Kennedy has really been into dinosaurs lately and her favorite movie currently is Jurassic World (what little girl doesn't love that movie?) so I was super excited for her to see it. 
I wasn't in the best mood and Kennedy was pretty tired and hungry, so she liked it, but I feel like that tainted the fun she could have had. We will have to go back with Cory so he can play with Kennedy while I run a marathon chasing Brynlie around and pulling her out of the dinosaur exhibits. <---- I wish I was making that up... 

Last night we decided on a whim that since it wasn't super cold, we should go see the lights at Temple Square. I do not recommend going on a Saturday night, on the same night as a Jazz game, the Symphony, and numerous other concerts and activities. It took us FOREVER to get through traffic. But once we finally were able to park we really enjoyed ourselves. The lights have been disappointing in the past but I feel like they really spiced things up this year. 

The tree at City Creek Center  

It was just a titch crowded. 
We saw some sister missionaries caroling by the temple under my favorite tree
After we passed them, Kennedy started singing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" and slowly got louder and louder until she was belting it at the top of her lungs as we walked. I thought I was going to die laughing. She is so much fun! 

Brynlie also had a turn making me laugh. Since she was so bundled we couldn't buckle her completely in her stroller. Because she's the-girl-who-never-stops-moving, she kept trying to get out but her one buckle held her in, which resulted in this:
Just standing up straight and tall on the footrest, no big deal. 
Our baby has impeccable balance ;) 
Cory kept pushing her around like that and we got a few funny comments from passer-by's. 

I'm pretty proud of myself that it's only a few days into December and we've already done some of our major Christmas bucket list items. Too bad I can't be that productive in blogging. I will do better. 

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