Christmas 2015

Christmas was pretty awesome as a kid. 

But nothing can compare to how amaze balls Christmas is when you have kids -- particularly kids who are old enough to believe in Santa. 

This whole month has been magical and just so much more fun than I could have imagined. It was our first official year playing Santa (K didn't quite fully grasp it last year, almost though), and except for one mishap where Kennedy opened an Amazon package a month early with her most wanted gift at the time, I think we did pretty well for our rookie run. We learned a few things (like not waiting until the night before to wrap all the gifts; 2 solid hours of wrapping!) and I think we will be pro's by next year. 

I fully expected Kennedy to spontaneously combust from too much excitement Christmas Eve. Before heading to bed we continued our tradition of opening Christmas PJ's on Christmas Eve 
And made cookies for Santa and left the reindeer some carrots. 
Note to self: don't take out Brynlies cute hair until we're done taking pictures. 
And I'm not sure why Kennedy looks like she's going to cry if anyone blinks. I promise she was jazzed about life. 

We made sure to do what all good parents do and threaten Kennedy to the hilt that if she got out of bed before 7:30, or anytime during the night, Santa wouldn't come. It worked! I have no idea what time she actually woke up (I know it was early), but she didn't emerge from her room until 7:30 on the dot. And then she ran upstairs to see if Santa had visited our house. To everyone's relief, he did. 

Another thing we learned: the smaller the tree the more presents it looks like he brought (lots of these were family gifts, Santa isn't loaded) 
The reindeer ate their carrots and Santa are his cookies! Or at least put them in a ziplock baggie because eating cookies late at night isn't good for those watching their weight... Not that Santa is or anything.... 

After waiting patiently for Papa to get up and Brynlie to wake up and stop cussing us out for being up so early, it was time to open presents!! 
And the first one was....

Brynlie was super grouchy at first. She didnt care about opening the presents much. Her first gift was a book
Which she thought was enough and wanted to go back to sleep. She is so my child. 
But it got better as things progressed. 
The look on K's face... Priceless. 
This year Kennedy wanted Octonaut toys and dinosaurs; because that's what every little girl asks for. Santa was glad she wanted things that weren't super popular and expensive. 

B is at that magical age where she doesn't want anything, plays with anything, and destroys everything. So we kept it simple. 
Besides, Kennedys presents were exciting enough for the both of them. 
For some odd reason, my perfectly normal child wanted to keep all the name tags on her presents. We had to rip each one off before she commenced demolishing the wrapping paper. 
But it was a perfect morning! 
We did the visit-the-families thing for the remainder of the day and got to spend the best day of the year with the most important people. 

Although playing Santa was pretty rockin', I don't want to forget about the real reason we celebrate Christmas. I am eternally grateful that our Savior was born and that He died for me and my family. Without Him, none of this would matter. I hope everyone had a great holiday! 

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