I feel like I always end up blogging about my New Year's resolutions and each time I feel really stupid for doing so. But, here we are. I guess I'll never learn. They say you're more successful if you share your goals with others, right? Here are the things I'm hoping to accomplish or improve on in 2016:

Spiritual Resolutions

1. Attend the temple every month.
2. Have family home evening every week. Because of Cory's schedule we can't always do it on a Monday, but I want to start doing it on the nights we can.
3. Pray on my knees. I am the queen of convincing myself I can stay awake in my warm, comfy bed while I pray -- only to wake up a few hours later needing to pee and remembering I never finished my prayers. So, I'm going to get on my knees.

Family Resolutions

1. Make sure Cory and I get a date night at least once a month.
2. Stay off my phone.
3. Get out and do things as much as possible.

Health Resolutions

1. Master pull-ups.
2. I have some running goals I want to accomplish.
3. Be more consistent with eating right and teaching my kids to eat right.

Personal Goals

1. Blog 3 days a week.
2. Make my conversations with other people about them. Because I spent so many years being shy and terrified to talk to people, my brain is trained to worry about what I should say that doesn't make me sound stupid, instead of forgetting myself and asking about other people. I plan on working on that.
3. Look for the positive in everything and everyone.

I'm excited for the coming year and hope to keep improving myself and my life with my family.


Christmas 2015

Christmas was pretty awesome as a kid. 

But nothing can compare to how amaze balls Christmas is when you have kids -- particularly kids who are old enough to believe in Santa. 

This whole month has been magical and just so much more fun than I could have imagined. It was our first official year playing Santa (K didn't quite fully grasp it last year, almost though), and except for one mishap where Kennedy opened an Amazon package a month early with her most wanted gift at the time, I think we did pretty well for our rookie run. We learned a few things (like not waiting until the night before to wrap all the gifts; 2 solid hours of wrapping!) and I think we will be pro's by next year. 

I fully expected Kennedy to spontaneously combust from too much excitement Christmas Eve. Before heading to bed we continued our tradition of opening Christmas PJ's on Christmas Eve 
And made cookies for Santa and left the reindeer some carrots. 
Note to self: don't take out Brynlies cute hair until we're done taking pictures. 
And I'm not sure why Kennedy looks like she's going to cry if anyone blinks. I promise she was jazzed about life. 

We made sure to do what all good parents do and threaten Kennedy to the hilt that if she got out of bed before 7:30, or anytime during the night, Santa wouldn't come. It worked! I have no idea what time she actually woke up (I know it was early), but she didn't emerge from her room until 7:30 on the dot. And then she ran upstairs to see if Santa had visited our house. To everyone's relief, he did. 

Another thing we learned: the smaller the tree the more presents it looks like he brought (lots of these were family gifts, Santa isn't loaded) 
The reindeer ate their carrots and Santa are his cookies! Or at least put them in a ziplock baggie because eating cookies late at night isn't good for those watching their weight... Not that Santa is or anything.... 

After waiting patiently for Papa to get up and Brynlie to wake up and stop cussing us out for being up so early, it was time to open presents!! 
And the first one was....

Brynlie was super grouchy at first. She didnt care about opening the presents much. Her first gift was a book
Which she thought was enough and wanted to go back to sleep. She is so my child. 
But it got better as things progressed. 
The look on K's face... Priceless. 
This year Kennedy wanted Octonaut toys and dinosaurs; because that's what every little girl asks for. Santa was glad she wanted things that weren't super popular and expensive. 

B is at that magical age where she doesn't want anything, plays with anything, and destroys everything. So we kept it simple. 
Besides, Kennedys presents were exciting enough for the both of them. 
For some odd reason, my perfectly normal child wanted to keep all the name tags on her presents. We had to rip each one off before she commenced demolishing the wrapping paper. 
But it was a perfect morning! 
We did the visit-the-families thing for the remainder of the day and got to spend the best day of the year with the most important people. 

Although playing Santa was pretty rockin', I don't want to forget about the real reason we celebrate Christmas. I am eternally grateful that our Savior was born and that He died for me and my family. Without Him, none of this would matter. I hope everyone had a great holiday! 



Holy crap, what a year this has been for me and my family. It wasn't without it's ups and downs, but I wanted to highlight the important events we/I experienced this year. You may notice things were pretty dull at the beginning but don't worry, they quickly gained momentum.


The only honorable mention that happened this month was Brynlie learned to crawl, and the video of that wont upload. Just close your eyes and imagine it.


We had freakishly warm weather this year so we were able to hit the zoo in February.
And because it's one of my favorites, we took this insanely cute picture of Kennedy and all the animals she can't eat, sleep, or breathe without.


Kennedy and I had our first pedicure! I ended up having an allergic reaction on my legs, but I will probably take Kennedy again some day.
Collin and Natalie lost Owen. We will always remember him and can't wait to meet him in the next life.


MOAB!!!! This is the trip we found out Kennedy loves to hike.
The Salt Lake City Half Marathon. This was my first race of the season and I was sick, but it went super well considering. It was this race that made me wonder if I was capable of doing even more and fueled my running fire.


The Ogden Half Marathon. This race was kind of a disaster in the POURING rain and cold, but I want to remember that I didn't quit and it didn't kill my spirit. I also want to remember that I freaked my mom out when I stripped naked in her car trying to get my soggy clothes off so I wouldn't freeze to death.
 Brynlie turned 1!!! We had a fun little party for her and we are so glad she's ours.
Kennedy finished her first year of pre-school. She learned so much and had such a great time; and still never told us a single thing she did all year.


We got to celebrate Cory on Father's Day. He deserves so much credit because he has worked his butt off this year for us! He worked long and exhausting hours finishing our basement on top of his job. He truly is a saint.
I fell in love with trail running and then purchased actual trail-running shoes and my feet thanked me.
I ran the Utah Valley Half Marathon. It was my fastest time so far that year which felt awesome considering how hilly the course was. I also got to spend the night in Provo with my great friend, Leticia, and we had so much fun!
Kennedy had her 4th birthday!!! We had a great pool party with family and friends. She is such an amazing kid.


We got our family pictures taken and they're amazing.
I had the best run of my life!
We took our first camping trip with just our little family. It was so much fun and we loved every minute of it!
We spent the weekend at the ranch and had tons of fun at Bear Lake.


We sold our first home. It was bittersweet to move, but I'm really excited for our new house.
These little cuties started sharing a room at Grandma's house and have been closer than ever.
I completed my first 20 mile run. It was a HUGE milestone for me.


We took another fun trip to the ranch and Kennedy learned to love driving her Jeep and Brynlie loves being escorted everywhere.
Kennedy started her second year of preschool which she is LOVING!
I finally became a graduate at my gym -- no easy feat if I do say so myself.
We got to have a family day at Cory's work.
I got a new PR at the Big Cottonwood Half Marathon. 1:54!
For me, the big kahuna for the year, I ran my first marathon at the Huntsville Marathon.
And since it was kind of the greatest thing ever, you get two pictures from that day, plus I couldn't have done it without this girl. She's amazing.


Another great Moab excursion.
Sweet Allison was born at 26 weeks. Man, that girl is a fighter.
We got to have my brothers family in town and do tons of fun things with them.
And of course Halloween knocked our socks off.


Kennedy had her first primary program and said her part in front of everyone and I embarrassed myself bawling like an idiot because my mommy heart was never prouder.

 We closed on our new house and started demolition.
Cory and I took our first trip since our honeymoon without the kids to Vegas. They say "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" and that's true, because I haven't been able to sleep as good as I did there since we left.


We visited Santa and this was the year Kennedy didn't act like he was coming to kill her in her sleep.

We rode the North Pole Express in Heber and if anyone asks, made it to the North Pole in 40 minutes.
It snowed over 2 feet in a 24 hour period which is kind of unusual, but we had one heck of a snow day!

I realize I'm posting this a little early since we still have two weeks of 2015, which means Christmas won't make this list. But, I'll still blog about that because I'm assuming it's going to be epic! I'm so grateful for my life, my family, and all that I've been given and have experienced. I'm looking forward to 2016!