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I figured I should update publicly the things I've been asked about most. 


She is still doing well. There hasn't been anything concerning, they're just helping her grow and survive until she's bigger. She's gaining weight and doing as good as they can expect! My brother and his wife are having a really hard time for so many reasons, so please remember them in your prayers still, if you can. I've been told she's feisty and a fighter. That'll be a good thing helping her get through her first few months of life and beyond. I can't wait until she's more stable and we can can go out and hold her and get to know her a little better. 

Our House 

We're all set to close next week. I am so excited and so in love with it -- or at least what it can become. I promise to post pictures after its officially ours and I will be documenting our renovations on the blog, don't you worry! It's a 5 bedroom, 2.5 bath house, although we're going to put in a shower in the master bathroom, so I guess technically it'll have 3 full baths. I literally cannot get over the backyard! It's big and has apple trees and I am so excited to let our kids go outside and play in it. The front yard has an amazing view as well. I'm hoping once we remove the huge bushes in front of the living room window that we can get a glimpse of the view from the window... We shall see. It also has a front porch, which I've always wanted. It's a little smaller than our old house and obviously without some of the luxuries our old house had, but I don't even care. I know we are going to be very happy there and life isn't about luxuries or things. Anyway, that's the update on how things are going there. Hopefully after next week I'll be posting lots of projects and pictures. 


I've taken a long break from running. I'm starting to miss it and plan on going for my first official run (in a while) this Saturday. Mostly I've been benched because I need new running shoes, which I've been saving for. I'm hoping to go with a new brand this time. My birthday is next week and all I've asked for is running shoes from Cory and family, so I'm feeling confident I'll have new kicks next week and can start getting back to the grind. I haven't minded though. I've been focusing ALL my attention on strength training which is actually my favorite thing. I'm shooting for the Ogden Marathon in May to be my next big race. I am also saving up to register for that, hopefully before it sells out. Until then I am enjoying the break but excited for colder weather running. It's my fave. 

Kennedy's speech 

Oh my goodness this gir is growing so much!! She love, love, LOVES her preschool class this year and her teachers. She's made incredible strides and I couldn't be more proud of her. She had her first primary program on Sunday and she got up and said her part loudly into the microphone. I turned into a sobbing mess because I couldn't contain how proud of her I was for doing something that huge. She is very, very shy and still unsure of herself at times, but she has amazing primary teachers and I could see her face beaming when she was done. She was proud of herself, too, which she needed. She still struggles with some sounds but she's talking all the time and is super bossy. She's even getting better at talking to people she doesn't know very well. I sure love that girl and am so proud of all the hard work she's done. 


The girl is almost 18 months! Yay!! She is so much fun and freaking adorable! She also challenges me to the very end of my rope, but then she turns around and can be the most tender and sweet little angel. I love every thing about her. She is my cuddler, sometimes too much, and has suddenly developed a need to be by my side at all times. It's so fun to watch her copy Kennedy and witness them playing together. She doesn't say much - just like Kennedy at this age - and I've decided if she doesn't start saying some full on words by Christmas then we will get her in early intervention. I'm not going to wait forever this time. She's smart as a whip though and understands us perfectly. She does. Not. Miss. A. Thing. I can't wait for her to start talking though because I know she's going to keep us laughing. She has the best sense of humor. 

I think I've covered everything I can think of. I have felt really happy these last couple months and I'm excited for what our future will bring. I love my life and my adorable family, and mostly my amazing husband. He's incredible. 

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