Random Acts of Camera Roll: Part 6

A couple Saturday's ago I took B on a hike-e-poo; just her and I. It was pretty nippy but we had fun. The second the weather turned wintery I noticed a huge drop in my mood. I'm wondering if I might have some seasonal depression. My goal all winter to combat this will be to get out as much as possible. Hence, the hike. 
Some of the leaves were still pretty-- even the ones under my finger. 
The conversation was kept light; mostly about airplanes and clouds 
And the deer Brynlie spotted. 
She started screeching at them as I pulled out my camera so the above picture was taken during their retreat. It's not every day a two-headed monster makes raptor noises at them. 

Then things got kinda boring. 
(I got great use of my selfie stick) 

I'm really grateful we live so close to the mountains and can go on an adventure so easily. It sure is gorgeous. 
Speaking of seasonal depression:
I usually take a multivitamin at night but was recommended to take extra vitamin D during the winter months. I've been obeying like a good girl. Whether it really does the trick or is just the placebo affect, I don't care. It helps. Maybe someday I'll have breasts it can benefit as well. 

Oh you know, just watching my shows: 
Actually I'm pretty sure it was the news. I can't wait for her to talk so she can start weighing in on foreign policy. 

Th other day the girls were playing with some toys while I dealt with some paper work. I looked up and saw Brynlie brushing Kennedys hair, and Kennedy brushing the hair of a troll. I posted a video of this on my Instagram that is insanely adorable!! But here's a picture. 
I love it when they play nicely together. 

I love this quote, it applies to all aspects of life. 

I've picked the floors I want in our new house (we close tomorrow)
They make me swoon. 

Tommy, my dads guide dog, probably loves my kids more than I do, I think. 
They've got a great ecosystem going. B keeps him fed, he protects them and keeps them warm, and these two aren't allowed in the backyard because they eat too many apples and get sick. 

Since birth Kennedy has been painfully shy with her uncles. I didn't speak to my uncles until I was about 7 years old, so she obviously gets that from Cory ;) but she's opened up a bit lately and actually interacted with Uncle Dustin at dinner on Sunday and actually let him *+* touch *+* her (cue angelic music). He was beside himself. 
And all our hearts were turned to mush. 

Also, on the Allison Homefront, she's still doing well. Collin and Natalie got to hold her for the first time this weekend. What a great moment for them. They've been through so much this year. I hope it was all worth it in that moment and many more moments to come in the future. 

Throwing it back to 2008 when Cory was still a goof and I still wasn't impressed. 
You know, I don't talk about him much on here because I believe HE should hear how I feel about him and not the Internet, but just know he's amazing and I love him so, so much. He keeps me happy and smiling (even though the picture suggests otherwise) and I can't think of anyone else I would want by my side through this crazy life of ours. 

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