Little Sickie and A New Recipe!

It's been a sad 24 hours. Kennedy woke up super cranky yesterday but I figured it was because we played super hard all week and she stayed up way too late the night before. Turns out, it was those things and she seemed to have caught Brynlie's tummy bug. Around 4 p.m., she started throwing up and didn't stop for hours. It was awful and I felt so bad for her! I let her sleep in my bed since Cory was working and I wanted to be there in case she kept throwing up during the night.

Thankfully she was fine all night, minus being the most wild sleeper in existence and kicking me all night. I had to take some sleeping pills at midnight to be able to sleep through her craziness. She was still a little grumpy all morning but kept down some applesauce and Gatorade and had an Octonauts marathon on Netflix while laying on the couch. Finally around 2 p.m. she perked up and said, "Mommy! I'm back! I'm Kennedy again!"

I'm not 100% convinced we're out of the woods so I restricted her diet and wouldn't let her drink straight soy sauce for dinner. It's not easy being the meanest mom ever.

So we stayed home today and did absolutely nothing. But it was still fun.
After a week of eating pure crap and probably gaining a ridiculous amount of weight I am more than ready to get back on track and eating clean again. I have a week filled with new recipes and if they're successful, I plan on sharing them with you. Tonight's was THE BOMB!!!!
It was an amazing orange chicken recipe that you can find here. I paired it with this delicious goodness from Costco
and just like that, I kicked dinner's butt! Even my mom and dad loved it and Brynlie ate up the rice and quinoa.

I really hope we can get back to normal life tomorrow and that everyone wakes up healthy and happy. I need some stability in my life again. And lots and lots of ice cream.

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