I'll Never, Ever Tire of Mexican Food

I awoke earlier this morning with the intention to jump in the shower and shave my legs and pits. 

I hit snooze. 

So I wore long leggings and a t-shirt to the gym today. I didn't hate it. I could get used to this no-shave-November thing.

Just kidding. I shaved later.  

Actually besides making sure I stayed nice and unappealing with my body hair, my morning was interesting. Kennedy woke up and started getting after me for leaving my bedroom light on... Then she has a complete meltdown because I asked her if she needed to use the bathroom... And after an inexcusable amount of crying, I did what any great parent would do to get her to stop
Halloween candy for breakfast! I kept thinking of this quote as I applauded my amazing parenting skills. 
In reality I felt pretty guilty shoving candy at the situation but in all fairness, we put her candy up high on Halloween night to keep B from getting into it and totally forgot about it until now. That's the first piece she's had. Oops. I should write a parenting handbook: "How To Teach Your Children That Hard Work Yields No Rewards." Also, it they had peanuts in them, so... Protein. 

Then we got ready for the day and headed to the gym. I had this nifty idea a while back to buy 8 oz water bottles to mix my pre-workout in. It's been so easy! I just grab a bottle from the fridge, dump a scoop in, shake it, and we're out the door. 

The gym was great. And Kennedy came up with a much better use for the TRX straps. 
Next it was grocery shopping where we spent the whole time with someone either crying or yelling. I cannot even put into words how much I hate grocery shopping with kids. Our local Walmart just started doing drive-up grocery delivery that I need to try out. You order what you need online, select a pick up time, and back your car in and they load your groceries in for you. Pure brilliance! I usually don't shop at Walmart but I think one week we will test it out. Totally worth it! 

Brynlie went down for a nap and Kennedy got to go have a play date with Aunt Hillary. So I got a couple intimate hours with Netflix. It was wonderful. 

For dinner tonight I decided to try making carne asada tacos. First I made the meat marinade:
(I got this GENIUS idea off the recipe website. It's going to change my life) 

And grilled it after hours of soaking in flavor. The meat turned out wonderfully. And by the way, a cold, windy evening was the perfect night to fire up the bbq... Not. 
They tasted pretty good. Next time I won't use the white sauce or cole slaw mix, just meat, pico, and avocado. Also, does anyone know if they would be better with corn tortillas? I wasn't sure. Either way, it was Mexican food, so it was delicious. I will never, ever get sick of Mexican food. Ever. 

Well, Brynlie has been on the loose unsupervised long enough. Time to go be an awesome parent again. 

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Unknown said...

I made street tacos one day and they were really good with corn tortillas! Doesn't hurt to give it a try! A little Cilantro could be good too!