Well hello there! Long time, no blog! Let's not waste any time and get right to it! 

She had a scare this past weekend. She developed some stomach issues that they were worried was NEC (google it... It's not good) and so we were all pretty nervous. Turns out, it wasn't, and thankfully she is still doing ok. Her chances of contracting NEC are still very high, so we are keeping our fingers and toes crossed that she stays healthy. I did get to go out and see her again and hold her hand. She is so teeny and adorable. And she's officially been out of the womb a month! Yay! 

We had our first demo day this past Saturday. We didn't get to everything since there is so much to do, but we got a huge chunk done. We knocked out some walls and tore up some carpet and made a massive mess. 
Our living room and kitchen area is now so open and basically nothing but Windows and natural light. It'll be small but still nice and comfortable. Today Cory worked on securing the ceiling since the walls are gone. I think the next thing will be to demo the floors and our master bathroom. 

I'm feeling pretty stupid because we've only had one day of working on the house and I already feel stressed to my limit. I just know how hard it's going to be, how much time it'll take, and it's going to cost a lot, so money is a stressor as well. I need to find a good outlet for my stress or I'm going to be a basket case! Throwing a sledge hammer through the walls was pretty therapeutic though. Too bad I can't do that every day. 

Our Thanksgiving was great! We spent Thursday with Cory's family and then went out to see Allison. Friday my family had our dinner and both days we ate like kings! And now it's Christmas time!! I don't think the English language even has words for how excited Kennedy is this year. It has been both so fun and so annoying. Fun because she's really bringing in the excitement and magic of the holiday season. Annoying because regardless of how many times I've told her Santa isn't coming for weeks, she wakes up early every morning wanting to see if Santa came. Today I caught her and Brynlie yelling up the chimney for Santa and asking if he was stuck. Adorable! 
We have so many fun things planned since she is totally digging Christmas. Next week we're going to ride the North Pole Express (a.k.a. the Polar Express) in Heber which I'm pretty sure will literally make Kennedy's face explode. That has been a favorite movie of hers since her wee little dawn of time. We're making it a surprise. I cannot wait! We also hope it snows so we can sled and build snowmen. Of course we will go see lights and bask in the greatness of Christmas. 

Tonight we went to see the Jolly man himself, SANTA! A city in our area had a parade where Santa rode around on a fire tuck. We missed the parade but waited at the ending point so the kids could go see him. K was super excited!!! We got out of the car and she looked up and saw an airplane flying overhead and screamed, "Look!! It's Santa's sleigh!!!" You see what I'm dealing with?! It's too cute to handle! I totally remember being little and driving home on Christmas Eve and wondering if any of the airplane lights in the sky were Santa. 

Anyway, he arrived on the fire truck and the girls looked on in excitement. Brynlie even waved at him. 
And then after a very short wait we were in to see him! We were only there for 30 minutes, which was awesome because it was -2,000 degrees.  

Every year K has freaked out and refused to get within 10 feet of Santa but this year she went and sat by him and told him what she wanted. My mommy heart was threatening to burst from my chest. 
I wish I could read Brynlies mind. I bet she's thinking "Dada giddigoobob". 
 We tried for a family photo that wasn't super successful 
It was tons of fun! We might want to make it an annual tradition! 

In an effort to help Kennedy understand Santa isn't coming to our house for a while, we're starting this advent calendar tomorrow. We glue a cotton ball on each number until his beard is full and then he finally shows up! I was super impressed with Kennedys coloring job and that she wrote her name by herself. 

And lastly for good measure, this picture is the best! They will randomly just hug each other and giggle. It's the sweetest thing and I love that they're such good friends. Today Kennedy started crying when I put Brynlie down for a nap and said, "But she's my friend!" She wanted to keep playing with her. So dang sweet! 

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