Whacky Wednesday!

Drum roll please... 

We found a house!!!! *epic music*

It's kind of a funny story:

Inventory on homes for sale took a nosedive the last few weeks. We almost gave up looking for a while; at least I did. Cory had noticed a "for sale by owner" home that was super cheap in a fantastic location because the whole thing needs to be updated. Badly. He kept looking at it online and we even drove by it but didn't act serious about it. Then Cory decided he wanted to go see it just for fun. We walked through the home and I wasn't paying that close of attention because we didn't have the budget to gut and remodel an entire home. But as we walked through I started to notice some things I loved about it. The location is amazing, the bedrooms are big, it has large windows and great bones, the yard is two-thumbs-up, and the price was perfect. I slowly started to picture myself living there with the kids, but in my mind had decided we weren't interested. 

We left the showing and both said it was too big of a project and moved on. But then we each couldn't stop thinking about it. I had dreams about the house that entire night and the next morning we both started to talk about it more. Long story short, it just felt right. We put in an offer and we are currently under contract! It's not official because we still have to see what the inspection turns up. If it's bad we will walk away, and it's pretty beat up -- so that's a possibility. But we are both super excited and nervous.

It will be a HUGE undertaking. We will tackle the upstairs and get that livable and then move in and worry about the basement later. I'm sure it'll be a long time before we actually move in, but I'll keep you updated on things as they happen. Exciting stuff! 
So I'm posting a picture of my potato medley we had for dinner earlier this week because I think it's pretty. And they were a-ma-zing!!! 
We had some camera fun the other night 

And these comics speak to my soul 

And this is me every. Freaking. Day. 
Lastly, we finally went to get pumpkins today. We forgot to pay attention to the weather. Lesson learned. It was cold and windy and we took about 4 minutes to find our pumpkins, snap some photos, weigh and pay for them, and get back in the car. Brrr!!!!! 
Getting Brynlie to look at the camera is like catching a greased pig. 
Cory found a HUGE one and was so excited you'd think he found gold. My husband is 5. 
Kennedy found her baby pumpkins 
And I just grabbed some random one so we could get the heck out of there. So much for a fun morning. Ha ha! 

This is what having a sister is all about. 

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