So Much Going On!

I have a new niece!!

Natalie wasn't able to make it to 30 weeks. Baby Allison was born today via c-section. She is 1 lb and 15 oz and so far doing excellent! She was born at 26.2 weeks on the 26th so we are calling her the marathon baby. I can't say much else about it yet, but since so many of you are  such great friends and keep asking, I thought I would mention it. Keep those prayers coming that she continues to do so well. 

Also, my brother and his family are in town from Wyoming! Which means lots of stuff going on. 

Today we went to the Ogden Dinosaur Park. The kids just loved it! Can't you feel the excitement?!  
In reality they had a great time. The only thing they hated was the pictures. A lot. At least my kids did. Let me crystallize that statement for you: 
"Everybody smile!" 

"Screw you, mom!" 

But seriously, the weather was awesome and who doesn't love dinosaurs? We got to dig for bones 

And see lots of cool things. 
And play on the playground, where I actually did get a happy face picture... 
...From all my kids 
I also got to bust out my brand new selfie-stick. (The UPS man delivered it right as we were pulling out) 
Clearly I need to be more aware of what is behind us next time. Not exactly a Kodak moment. And before you mock the selfie-stick, I already love it. I'm not much into selfies but I do love pictures to remember things and places (and love to have my family in it) and there isn't always someone close by to take our picture. Enter: the selfie-stick. So watch out, world! 

Lastly, we had our home inspection done today and nothing crazy came up so we are totally on board. I got to go in it again and I seriously just LOVE it! Even in all its dumpiness. It feels like home and I can't wait to live there and let our kids play in the amazing yard. I'm getting more and more excited. 

Crazy day, crazy life. Tomorrow the family fun continues and I'll hopefully get to meet baby Allison. Stay tuned. 

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