Random Acts of Camera Roll: Part 5

I found this at my local Wood Connection wood-craft store and flipped out. How cute is that?! I bought it but have yet to start on it. I will soon, though. $7! (I think... Maybe $8?)
Loving this pre-workout smoothie lately. I use plain Greek yogurt (Chobani is the only kind I can stand) and unsweetened almond milk. I also freeze my bananas and strawberries and omit the ice. 
Facebook recommended this boutique to me a while back and the clothes are adorable and dirt cheap!! I've never heard of Rose Gal before. Anyone else? This hoodie was only $15 so I figured I would order it and give the company a try. I ordered it over a month ago now. It took weeks to ship and said it was coming from the Netherlands... So who knows when I will actually get my purchase, but I hope it's cute and decent quality! And not made in a sweat-shop. Now if only I can magically become a size 2 and have perky boobs like the model, I'm sure it'll look darling on me. ;) 
I pulled out my wedding dress the other day, just for fun. As soon as Kennedy saw me in it her eyes lit up and her face beamed like she was meeting the real Curious George (since she's not into princesses). I felt immensely awesome. She tried on my veil and Brynlie made it her mission to try and rip the dress apart so the fun didn't last long. 
Just because her face is adorable. 
I keep this on my camera roll and read it often. It helps me keep things in perspective and remember what really matters in life. 
Throw back to 2012. Cory... Oh Cory. What would I do without him? 
I am kind of reeling about the amount of friends I have in abusive relationships/marriages right now. I spent hours on a post about abuse yesterday and am still not comfortable with it and may never post it. But take it from someone who has been in an abusive relationship for 2 years... You deserve better. There is peace and happiness outside of the relationship. Elder Holland says it best, I think. 
This picture melts my heart. As long as I have my family and I feel safe and loved each and every day, and my kids do too, there's nothing else I need. Except ice cream. 

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