Isaiah 15:5

"My heart shall cry out for Moab". 

We saw this scripture on the back of a Jeep during our Moab trip last week. The really pressing question is how I didn't know this existed?! Gospel doctrine about loving Moab?! Come on!! We have a new family scripture. *wink* 

It's October which means there's a 90% chance we went to Moab for UEA break. And we did. And like always, it was awesome! 

The kids had a BLAST and surprisingly slept really well. The first night always sucks, but after that they were little gems, minus Brynlie always popping out of bed promptly at 7:00 a.m.  It's a good thing she's cute. They also practiced their gorilla warfare skills hiding in the sage brush as well as sun-tanning their butt cracks because the pants I packed them were all too small, so whenever they crouched down, they exposed epic plumbers crack. 

We didn't take the Jeep this trip.

**moment of silence** 

It was hard. But we have plans to reconcile come spring. 

The first morning there I woke up and went for a run. Running in Moab is pristine! Minus it being a little warm. I also used my trail shoes which rocked on the dirt road. But my foot really hurt after running and I had to bag my plans to run every morning while camping, sadly. I didn't want to make it worse. 
I'm standing in front of the sun rising on the rocks AND I'm making a peace sign that looks like I'm flipping the bird in the shadow... Not my best self-timer selfie. 
Then we hit up hiking Corona Arch. Kennedy hiked the whole thing and loved every minute of it! 
Somewhere over the years people started a cairn yard. It was actually kinda cool.

And this hike Kennedy learned about cairns, which she decided should be called marches, and she pointed them out every time she saw one.

 "There's another march!" 

"There's a little baby march! Oh!!!"

"That march is HUGE!" 

You get the idea. It was pretty cute to us, since she's our child. 

Another self timer fail. 
So I opted to just take a picture of the arch itself. 
Then my parents arrived and we went for a drive and then enjoyed the amazing sunset. 
The sunrise the following morning was also pretty rad. 
First thing we went to check out the new dinosaur museum they have at the turn off to Canyonlands called Moab Giants. It was cool, but super expensive, so we won't be going back. The kids ate it up, though. 
I think you'll see a reoccurring problem with our family photos from this trip. Apparently the camera doesn't love us. 
He said this was really painful, but it's funny. 

They also had a nature walk with life size dinosaurs but I stupidly didn't take any pictures of those. 

Next up was Canyonlands. 
Hey look! We got a good one! 
Kennedy is holding a stuffed chipmunk that she suckered my mom into buying her at the visitors center. It's important to note that the stupid thing was lost several times since its purchase, causing us to call into question whether we should be those parents that say "tough luck! It's gone!" or go to great lengths to find it. We are the latter, because that adorable little girls' heart just breaks when she looses a stuffed animal. She sure loves them. 

Alright, moving on...
Mesa Arch 
We also took the Shaffer Trail which is a dirt road that switch backs down the side of a cliff. It was cool. And slightly scary. 

Saturday we tried another hike. 
But after a while Kennedy decided she was done. Like, DONE. We were forced to turn around and Cory not only carried both girls for a time, but had them both busting a gut while doing it. That man... He's the best. 
We decided a drive would be a better idea especially since the sky was threatening rain. But first we had to make a very important stop:
The cravings I had for those things were unreal, even though I haven't had them in years... So weird. No, I'm not pregnant. 

We drove to picture frame arch and had lunch and climbed into the arch and played. 

This family picture fail happened because the iPhone was set far away and running and getting in perfect photo position never happened. 
And then it really did rain. 
We spent the night playing games inside and stuffing our faces. I've lost all control. I badly need to get back on track! 

We had a great time because it's pretty hard not to have a great time in the greatest place on earth. Until we meet again, Moab! 

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