A First Time For Me and Baby Allison

Today we headed down to Provo to see my sister and walk around the BYU campus. I tried to take as little pictures as possible because let's be honest, this is all we EVER need to see. 
But I did get some pics. 

On our way there we stopped at Rumbi to grab some lunch and I had my first public-puking experience as a parent. The second we walked in Brynlie made a weird cough sound and then vomited all over the floor. Kennedy started crying because it broke her heart to see her sister sick and Cory was still on his way in from the car. I slowly put her down to grab some wipes from my bag just as the second wave came flying out. When Cory came in I sent him to go get an employee who could mop it up and I took Brynlie outside to try and wipe her up. She had been whining in the car about 5 minutes before this episode but we never saw that coming. It was humiliating. But I'm sure there's more to come. And I didn't get a picture of that. Sorry. Thankfully she was fine the rest of the day, so I'm not sure what's going on with her. 

Ok so...

We saw the Salt Lake Temple made out of Lego's in the library. 
And tried to get a picture of my sister with all the grandkids who were there. 
We stopped and grabbed some BYU Creamery ice cream (graham canyon is so freaking good!) and chocolate milk (Best chocolate milk ever!) and let the kids run around and play. And this sweet moment happened. 
Kennedy is LOVING having her cousins here again. The second they left last night she started crying and said she missed them. She calls them "her Brock" and "her Bradlee". She loves her older cousins on Cory's side but it's fun to  have smaller kids to play with, too. I'm sure before we know it, Kennedy will be holding hands with baby Allison and walking her around. 

Speaking of, we got to see her today. She is so tiny, obviously, but looks great and is super adorable. We got there while they were messing with things and we got to see her without her mask and oxygen tube and Collin got to rub her feet and cradle her head. The staff at the hospital are incredible and she's in great hands. She's breathing without a respirator and doing really well so keep those prayers coming! Natalie is also doing well. She got really sick after delivery but is feeling better today and recovering well. We love her so much already. 


Amy said...

Awesome news!

Unknown said...

So glad she's doing so well!! They really deserve for things to go right for her! It's amazing that a baby can be born at 26 weeks. Prayers for them!