A Big Oops and Keeping Up On My Promise

I think my mom will always been teaching me how to not be an idiot my entire life. Even in my adulthood. 

After I blogged about discovering that Rosegal site, she did the smart thing: she googled them. Why the crap didn't I think of that?! As it turns out, they're horrible. 


I read many online reviews and there wasn't a single good one. Many customers said they never received their items. So, I may have just donated $15 to the crooked sisters club. But at least I only bought one thing instead of ample items like many of the other people who were too stupid to google them first. Lesson learned. 

I've been bored with life. Not unhappy, just bored. The last two weeks haven't had much to be that exited about, so I started creating my own excitement. Like creating a Ragnar team for 2016. 
I've never done a Ragnar relay but I am really excited to throw my hat into the ring. We're still in the very early stages of planning so there's not much to talk about. I've come up with some killer team names though, some of which are slightly inappropriate. I'm really excited for next year! I've also been filling up my racing calendar with hopeful races. I just need to convince Cory to let me spend the money on registration fees as they approach. 

We had quite the day Friday. My kids were determined to drive me to drink and I was on the verge of committing homocide. In order to insure everyone made it to the end of the day alive, we left the house and stopped wherever we felt like it. 

First was the pet store where Kennedy decided she wanted to add a hamster to her list of things to ask Santa for. Mrs. Clause is totally cool with it, but Mr. hasn't given in yet. My kids sure love animals and since a dog of our own or a cat (what I really want) is out of the picture, a hamster is the next best thing. We looked at the kitties and birds and the girls and I were mesmerized by these neon fish. Aren't they awesome?

After the pet store we drove by some homes for sale to confirm they weren't what we're looking for. People keep asking us how the house hunt is going -- probably because they don't know what else to ask us about -- and to sum it up; it's going. We look every single day but were picky and have a long list of needs/wants. I would have been shocked if we would have found a house this early. 

Then we stopped at the park for fhe second time that day. The girls spent their whole time on the slide. Little 16 month old Brynlie kept climbing up the slide all the way to the top, and then would slide backwards on her tummy. She has no fear, which instills lots of fear in me. They had a blast though. 

Last, we went to Aunt Hillary's to see her new puppy, Bo. Oh. My. Gosh. He is the tiniest, most adorable thing I've ever seen. 
I usually am not a thieving person, but I was tempted to come like a thief in the night and steal him. And I'm pretty sure Kennedy would have masked up and helped me. She is in love!! 

All of our stops made for a pleasant bedtime and everyone cooperated and went to bed perfectly, without fighting or whining. 
It makes my heart happy that Brynlie wants to be just like her big sister. And sometimes it's cute that Kennedy wants to be like Brynlie. I'll let your imagination decide who was the leader and who was the follower in this picture. 

Well, it's way past my bedtime and I'm worried autocorrect may change my words into something totally offensive that I'll be too tired to catch. Let's reconvene tomorrow. Toodles! 

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