A First Time For Me and Baby Allison

Today we headed down to Provo to see my sister and walk around the BYU campus. I tried to take as little pictures as possible because let's be honest, this is all we EVER need to see. 
But I did get some pics. 

On our way there we stopped at Rumbi to grab some lunch and I had my first public-puking experience as a parent. The second we walked in Brynlie made a weird cough sound and then vomited all over the floor. Kennedy started crying because it broke her heart to see her sister sick and Cory was still on his way in from the car. I slowly put her down to grab some wipes from my bag just as the second wave came flying out. When Cory came in I sent him to go get an employee who could mop it up and I took Brynlie outside to try and wipe her up. She had been whining in the car about 5 minutes before this episode but we never saw that coming. It was humiliating. But I'm sure there's more to come. And I didn't get a picture of that. Sorry. Thankfully she was fine the rest of the day, so I'm not sure what's going on with her. 

Ok so...

We saw the Salt Lake Temple made out of Lego's in the library. 
And tried to get a picture of my sister with all the grandkids who were there. 
We stopped and grabbed some BYU Creamery ice cream (graham canyon is so freaking good!) and chocolate milk (Best chocolate milk ever!) and let the kids run around and play. And this sweet moment happened. 
Kennedy is LOVING having her cousins here again. The second they left last night she started crying and said she missed them. She calls them "her Brock" and "her Bradlee". She loves her older cousins on Cory's side but it's fun to  have smaller kids to play with, too. I'm sure before we know it, Kennedy will be holding hands with baby Allison and walking her around. 

Speaking of, we got to see her today. She is so tiny, obviously, but looks great and is super adorable. We got there while they were messing with things and we got to see her without her mask and oxygen tube and Collin got to rub her feet and cradle her head. The staff at the hospital are incredible and she's in great hands. She's breathing without a respirator and doing really well so keep those prayers coming! Natalie is also doing well. She got really sick after delivery but is feeling better today and recovering well. We love her so much already. 


So Much Going On!

I have a new niece!!

Natalie wasn't able to make it to 30 weeks. Baby Allison was born today via c-section. She is 1 lb and 15 oz and so far doing excellent! She was born at 26.2 weeks on the 26th so we are calling her the marathon baby. I can't say much else about it yet, but since so many of you are  such great friends and keep asking, I thought I would mention it. Keep those prayers coming that she continues to do so well. 

Also, my brother and his family are in town from Wyoming! Which means lots of stuff going on. 

Today we went to the Ogden Dinosaur Park. The kids just loved it! Can't you feel the excitement?!  
In reality they had a great time. The only thing they hated was the pictures. A lot. At least my kids did. Let me crystallize that statement for you: 
"Everybody smile!" 

"Screw you, mom!" 

But seriously, the weather was awesome and who doesn't love dinosaurs? We got to dig for bones 

And see lots of cool things. 
And play on the playground, where I actually did get a happy face picture... 
...From all my kids 
I also got to bust out my brand new selfie-stick. (The UPS man delivered it right as we were pulling out) 
Clearly I need to be more aware of what is behind us next time. Not exactly a Kodak moment. And before you mock the selfie-stick, I already love it. I'm not much into selfies but I do love pictures to remember things and places (and love to have my family in it) and there isn't always someone close by to take our picture. Enter: the selfie-stick. So watch out, world! 

Lastly, we had our home inspection done today and nothing crazy came up so we are totally on board. I got to go in it again and I seriously just LOVE it! Even in all its dumpiness. It feels like home and I can't wait to live there and let our kids play in the amazing yard. I'm getting more and more excited. 

Crazy day, crazy life. Tomorrow the family fun continues and I'll hopefully get to meet baby Allison. Stay tuned. 


A Miracle

7 months ago my little brother and his wife lost their first child at 22 weeks of pregnancy. It was horrible and heartbreaking and we still feel the pain and sorrow of that day.

My sister in law, Natalie, was able to get pregnant again right away -- a month after losing him, in fact. As of this week she is 25 weeks along.

Wednesday night she started having labor pains and bleeding again; the same kind as with her first one. This time she knew what it meant and her and my brother went to LDS Hospital to get it checked out. My brother had called my mom to tell her they were going in, but lost reception as he was walking into the emergency room and we were cut off before getting any real info. My mom and I were worried and after about 15 minutes of waiting for info, decided to head over to the hospital because we had no idea how long it would be before we would hear from my brother.

We arrived at the hospital and they told us what room she was in. We found the room and it was filled with doctors and nurses, a couple coming and going in a hurry. But blaring from the room was Baby Allison's heartbeat on the fetal monitor; she was still alive. We breathed a small sigh of relief but it was obviously too hectic to go in the room or get an update from anyone. We sat in the waiting area just outside her room and heard my brother ask, "Do I get to go in the helicopter, too?'

My mom and I looked at each other in shock and sure enough, down the hall came the life flight team with their gurney, all dressed in red, carrying big scary-looking equipment, just like you would see in the movies. We still had no idea what was happening at this point so seeing this really jostled our emotions. We had trouble keeping it together but wanted to stay strong for them, whenever we got to see them.

Finally a nurse came out and looked at us sitting there. We must have looked beyond sickly worried because she came over and updated us that Natalie was in labor, she was dilated, and they were sending her to IMC in Murray as quickly as possible because their NICU was better equipped to handle a baby that early. Shortly after they wheeled Natalie out and her and Collin left with their team to the roof to take off. We stayed in the waiting area because Collin wasn't allowed to ride and we were going to take him down to Murray because he was WAY too frazzled to be driving.

After they wheeled her away and it was quiet again we both lost control and started crying. It was so scary and surreal and they had just gone through this 7 months ago. The second my brother called my mom I went into my room and dropped to my knees to beg and plead with Heavenly Father to not do this to them again. I started doing the same thing in my heart in the hallway of that hospital. It was overwhelming and I was so scared for them.

A sweet nurse came over to us and told us they had the best team with them and the survival rate at 25 weeks was much higher than 22 and she hoped it would be ok. She helped comfort my mom and I quite a bit.

Finally Collin returned from the roof and my mom took him to the hospital while I followed them in Natalie's car.

Once we got to IMC, there was a whole lot of information. The doctors seemed pretty sure she was going to deliver sometime in the next 24 hours so they had the NICU doctor come talk to them about what to except with a baby this early, Allison was breach so they were planning a c-section and explained what would happen, they pumped Natalie full of drugs and shots to slow labor, help with the pain, help Allison's heart and lungs develop if she was born... it was crazy. Natalie was dilated and the baby and the amniotic sack were exposed, but they were trying to prevent anything else from happening.

After a scary 24 hours, they were able to stop labor all together. Her team of doctors were amazed she was doing so well. Shes at a high risk of infection because the baby is so exposed and her water could break any moment and they would have to deliver. Thanks to the many prayers in their behalf, Natalie is still pregnant. She has to stay on bed rest in the hospital to try and keep her pregnant for as long as possible and keep her away from infection, if possible. NO ONE expected her to do so well, so it's been nothing short of a miracle. They've moved her to a different floor where she will now reside. The best outcome would be for her to stay pregnant until 35 weeks, but they aren't sure she will make it past 30. Either way, we are so grateful for each day she stays pregnant so Allison can grow and develop and come out healthy and whole.

They could still use some prayers that everything goes well, if you have any to spare. And thank you for the ones already offered. Hopefully the terror of this situation will turn into a good story to tell in the end. I will keep the blog updated as things progress. In this case, no news is good news.


Whacky Wednesday!

Drum roll please... 

We found a house!!!! *epic music*

It's kind of a funny story:

Inventory on homes for sale took a nosedive the last few weeks. We almost gave up looking for a while; at least I did. Cory had noticed a "for sale by owner" home that was super cheap in a fantastic location because the whole thing needs to be updated. Badly. He kept looking at it online and we even drove by it but didn't act serious about it. Then Cory decided he wanted to go see it just for fun. We walked through the home and I wasn't paying that close of attention because we didn't have the budget to gut and remodel an entire home. But as we walked through I started to notice some things I loved about it. The location is amazing, the bedrooms are big, it has large windows and great bones, the yard is two-thumbs-up, and the price was perfect. I slowly started to picture myself living there with the kids, but in my mind had decided we weren't interested. 

We left the showing and both said it was too big of a project and moved on. But then we each couldn't stop thinking about it. I had dreams about the house that entire night and the next morning we both started to talk about it more. Long story short, it just felt right. We put in an offer and we are currently under contract! It's not official because we still have to see what the inspection turns up. If it's bad we will walk away, and it's pretty beat up -- so that's a possibility. But we are both super excited and nervous.

It will be a HUGE undertaking. We will tackle the upstairs and get that livable and then move in and worry about the basement later. I'm sure it'll be a long time before we actually move in, but I'll keep you updated on things as they happen. Exciting stuff! 
So I'm posting a picture of my potato medley we had for dinner earlier this week because I think it's pretty. And they were a-ma-zing!!! 
We had some camera fun the other night 

And these comics speak to my soul 

And this is me every. Freaking. Day. 
Lastly, we finally went to get pumpkins today. We forgot to pay attention to the weather. Lesson learned. It was cold and windy and we took about 4 minutes to find our pumpkins, snap some photos, weigh and pay for them, and get back in the car. Brrr!!!!! 
Getting Brynlie to look at the camera is like catching a greased pig. 
Cory found a HUGE one and was so excited you'd think he found gold. My husband is 5. 
Kennedy found her baby pumpkins 
And I just grabbed some random one so we could get the heck out of there. So much for a fun morning. Ha ha! 

This is what having a sister is all about. 


Isaiah 15:5

"My heart shall cry out for Moab". 

We saw this scripture on the back of a Jeep during our Moab trip last week. The really pressing question is how I didn't know this existed?! Gospel doctrine about loving Moab?! Come on!! We have a new family scripture. *wink* 

It's October which means there's a 90% chance we went to Moab for UEA break. And we did. And like always, it was awesome! 

The kids had a BLAST and surprisingly slept really well. The first night always sucks, but after that they were little gems, minus Brynlie always popping out of bed promptly at 7:00 a.m.  It's a good thing she's cute. They also practiced their gorilla warfare skills hiding in the sage brush as well as sun-tanning their butt cracks because the pants I packed them were all too small, so whenever they crouched down, they exposed epic plumbers crack. 

We didn't take the Jeep this trip.

**moment of silence** 

It was hard. But we have plans to reconcile come spring. 

The first morning there I woke up and went for a run. Running in Moab is pristine! Minus it being a little warm. I also used my trail shoes which rocked on the dirt road. But my foot really hurt after running and I had to bag my plans to run every morning while camping, sadly. I didn't want to make it worse. 
I'm standing in front of the sun rising on the rocks AND I'm making a peace sign that looks like I'm flipping the bird in the shadow... Not my best self-timer selfie. 
Then we hit up hiking Corona Arch. Kennedy hiked the whole thing and loved every minute of it! 
Somewhere over the years people started a cairn yard. It was actually kinda cool.

And this hike Kennedy learned about cairns, which she decided should be called marches, and she pointed them out every time she saw one.

 "There's another march!" 

"There's a little baby march! Oh!!!"

"That march is HUGE!" 

You get the idea. It was pretty cute to us, since she's our child. 

Another self timer fail. 
So I opted to just take a picture of the arch itself. 
Then my parents arrived and we went for a drive and then enjoyed the amazing sunset. 
The sunrise the following morning was also pretty rad. 
First thing we went to check out the new dinosaur museum they have at the turn off to Canyonlands called Moab Giants. It was cool, but super expensive, so we won't be going back. The kids ate it up, though. 
I think you'll see a reoccurring problem with our family photos from this trip. Apparently the camera doesn't love us. 
He said this was really painful, but it's funny. 

They also had a nature walk with life size dinosaurs but I stupidly didn't take any pictures of those. 

Next up was Canyonlands. 
Hey look! We got a good one! 
Kennedy is holding a stuffed chipmunk that she suckered my mom into buying her at the visitors center. It's important to note that the stupid thing was lost several times since its purchase, causing us to call into question whether we should be those parents that say "tough luck! It's gone!" or go to great lengths to find it. We are the latter, because that adorable little girls' heart just breaks when she looses a stuffed animal. She sure loves them. 

Alright, moving on...
Mesa Arch 
We also took the Shaffer Trail which is a dirt road that switch backs down the side of a cliff. It was cool. And slightly scary. 

Saturday we tried another hike. 
But after a while Kennedy decided she was done. Like, DONE. We were forced to turn around and Cory not only carried both girls for a time, but had them both busting a gut while doing it. That man... He's the best. 
We decided a drive would be a better idea especially since the sky was threatening rain. But first we had to make a very important stop:
The cravings I had for those things were unreal, even though I haven't had them in years... So weird. No, I'm not pregnant. 

We drove to picture frame arch and had lunch and climbed into the arch and played. 

This family picture fail happened because the iPhone was set far away and running and getting in perfect photo position never happened. 
And then it really did rain. 
We spent the night playing games inside and stuffing our faces. I've lost all control. I badly need to get back on track! 

We had a great time because it's pretty hard not to have a great time in the greatest place on earth. Until we meet again, Moab!