A Break and Our Weekend

Something happened to me last weekend. I don't know what it was. I accomplished two big goals and should have felt spectacular! But instead, I fell apart. I didn't complete them exactly how I wanted, and they were both harder than I expected, and I let those two things seep into my thoughts and poison all the self-confidence and joy I had. No matter what I just couldn't see clearly! To say I started freaking out about Huntsville would be the understatement of the year. 

After a pep talk from several friends and family, I calmed down and eventually was able to celebrate my accomplishments and have been keeping a positive mindset for this weekend. 

Because of my meltdown I decided to take a break from blogging until my stress levels went back down. 

Obviously me posting means I've calmed down and we're good to go. My goals for the marathon are to enjoy it and just keeping running. I don't care what my time is. I just want to cross that finish line strong. I can do this. 

Alright, so quick recap of our happenings. 

Friday we went to the RV show just for fun. The kids loved it and we dreamed about buying a bigger trailer someday. 
Friday night I also took off to Park City with some friends. It was my first girls trip without having to wake up butt-early for a race on Saturday. We had lots of fun staying up late, playing games, and going out to eat. I got weirdly homesick though and left before everyone went to the outlets. Next time I'll be sure and stay longer. 

Sunday we ditched church because it was family day up at the mine where Cory works. Since the land slide two years ago they have really tightened access to the mine and the visitors center has remained closed, so the chance to go inside and see everything was pretty special. We used to go when I was a kid but I had forgotten how huge everything was. The girls had a great time. I think their favorite part was the bus ride in and out. 

It was so cute to see B riding like a big kid. She thought it was the greatest thing. 
Then we got to see the entire mine, which can be mind boggling. 
Kennedy refused to cooperate for any picture. You could play a drinking game with this post -- a shot for every picture that Kennedy is being butt in. Here, I'll get you started. 
The next stop on the tour was to see all the equipment up close and personal. 

Brynlie wasn't impressed. 

This is my dad standing next to one of the huge haul trucks. 
... Which we got to go up on ...
And even sit in the drivers seat! 
They also fed us lunch which was delicious. I think my favorite part was how excited Cory was. He loved showing us what he does. In fact, all the employees were telling their families every detail of the mine with great pride. It was awesome. I'm so grateful for his job and that he gets to work for such a great company, even though his job is definitely not "traditional". 

This week I plan on resting, stretching and rolling, along with gaining weight from loading up on carbs. And maybe cleaning the house or something. 

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