Sickness and Lagoon

Last week I felt so stinking tired. I figured I was just exceptionally worn out from moving and everything the weekend before. Turns out I was wrong. 

Thursday morning I started experiencing some UTI symptoms but they weren't that severe so I kind of forgot about it. By Thursday evening I was feeling awful and my back KILLED!!! 

I awoke Friday morning in tons of pain and drenched in sweat from a fever. We were supposed to go close on our house and go to Lagoon with Cory's family. I was feeling so awful I was about to tell Cory I needed to stay home. Plus now that something was seriously wrong I needed to see a doctor. Luckily my amazing doctors office was able to get me in really fast between closing and getting ready for Lagoon. The preliminary urine test showed infection but she was still going to send it to the lab to find out how severe, and they called in an antibiotic for me. 

Against my better judgement I decided to go to Lagoon because I really didn't want to miss out. I was feverish the whole day and my back (right around my kidneys) KILLED!!! But I downed Ibuprofen and was able to have some fun (more on that below). 

By the end of the day at Lagoon I was dead on my feet. I wanted to do nothing but lay down and cry. My back, legs, and feet ached so badly and I couldn't even breathe deep without stabbing pain in my back and stomach. I came home and crashed, but was up every hour peeing and my back hurt worse than I can ever remember. 

Saturday we had scheduled some home showings in the morning which I didn't want to miss out on. I took one of my leftover Lortab's and headed out to see if any of them felt right. They didn't, for those wondering. By the time we got to the second house I was nauseated and dizzy and my fever was creeping up. I truly felt so terrible. We also needed to run to Target and by the time we got there I was freezing! We stepping inside and AC sent me over the edge. I started having convulsions and I couldn't even walk I was shaking so hard. Cory gave me the car keys and I went outside and sat in the hot car trying to get warm. I kept wondering if the heat would actually kill me before I finally got warm. I was sobbing, my vision was getting cloudy, I couldn't stop shaking which made my back and whole midsection hurt beyond belief, and my head hurt so bad I thought it might explode. Cory drove me home and fully planned on taking me to the hospital. I'm sure my fever was dangerously high. But I wanted a Priesthood blessing first. 

We got home and I somehow climbed into bed sobbing my eyes out and wrapped up in the covers while Cory found my Dad and they administered a blessing. I fell asleep almost immediately afterward and slept for an hour. I honestly was terrified. The only other time I've been that sick was when I had West Nile. I didn't know what was going to happen to me. After the blessing and my nap I've slowly started to get better. My antibiotics must finally be kicking in because the pain is lessening every day and my fever has slowly started to get better. I'm anxious for the lab results to see if it was really just a UTI or if it had spread to my kidneys, because man, that was severe. I'm hoping in a couple more days I'll be back to normal and not be so worn out and feeling crummy all the time. I did not expect this to happen, or be this bad. 

BUT, Lagoon was fun. The new ride, Cannibal, was absolutely amazing!! I haven't been on a ride that amazing in a long, long time. And we got to do it twice! Kennedy had a total blast on every ride she was tall enough to ride on. She kept begging for bigger ones but it'll be a few more years yet. We left Brynlie home with babysitters since she's too little to have any fun, and too big to sit in a stroller all day. Overall, it was worth it. 

Next year, no sickness, dang it! 

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