Random Acts of Camera Roll: Volume 4

Kennedy got to go fishing and swimming with her auntie yesterday. She really needed to go have fun and that's exactly what she did. She's one spoiled seƱorita. 

We have tighter eating quarters for a while, but apparently it's tons of fun and encourages sharing.  

Back to school shopping! She picked out her lady bug backpack over the Minion one, Frozen, and My Little Pony. And this little lady bug one was more expensive than any of the other character ones. Of course. But it's pretty dang cute. Also, please note her running shorts. I die. 

Heck yes!!! 

Dinner was a huge win. I finally made a tender and juicy roast; which means Cory still isn't home (it's 8:32 pm) to eat it and now it's dried out and gross. 

I'm not going to lie, this screen gives me a little anxiety. What if I pick wrong?! 

This ridiculous thing caused anger, swearing, blood, sweat, tears... My mom and I could NOT get it off. 
My dad got it off first try. Not fair. 

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