Peaches and Enchilada's

When you see a road-side stand with a giant sign that says, "Brigham City peaches", you stop and buy as many as you can. And I obeyed like a good little girl. Since then, I've had an unhealthy amount of peaches. I literally can't stop. 
These are the best peaches I've had in my life. No joke. Natures cereal; but not good pre-workout fuel, just FYI. 

We had a rough morning today. It was longer than usual after an earlier wake up time for the girls. Kennedy woke up super upset she couldn't find her doggie in her sheets and it was downhill from there. Everyone was wide awake after that. But she went for a drive with her friend and calmed right down. 
I decided going to the gym sounded like a good idea this morning... which ended up being false. My legs, although I can walk pretty well, are still pretty dead from Saturday. But I survived. And getting out and moving has to be better than sitting around. 

Then we went grocery shopping. Grocery shopping is the one activity where I'm guaranteed to go in like Dr. Jekyll and come out as Mr. Hyde; all pleasant at the beginning, and losing my crap at the end. One big contributor to that is the grocery store we shop at has little kid-sized carts; carts that Kennedy insists on using every time and carts where she refuses to watch where she is going when she's pushing them. We've had many fender benders in that store (lots with other people) and it is never pretty. She usually rear-ends the back of my heels which as you can imagine, always puts me in a good mood. It's safe to say I hate grocery shopping. But now we have food. Food like this:
I stopped at the end of an isle to check my list and as fate would have it, I was right next to these. You can't mess with fate, so I knew it was my destiny to try them. They're amazing by the way.

I'm happy to report I completed my goal of cleaning the house. I vacuumed and did laundry -- complete with pulling out a freshly washed pair of pants and setting them on the dryer to hang dry, directly in the dogs water bowl. Again, just a fantastic mood happening all over today.  

Then during nap time I caught up on Bachelor in Paradise. I like to have text dates with my friends while we watch because that much drama cannot go untalked about. Plus it's pretty entertaining. 

You can't tell me I'm the only one who just suffers through the day until it's time for dinner. I love dinner. It keeps me going. No matter how bad the day goes, I know dinner will save me. And I mean specifically eating it, not necessarily making it. Tonight I made the Cafe Rio mild enchilada sauce again... *drool* 

I'm not sure what I did differently this time but it was even better than before and made 3 leftover jars instead of two. I smothered our chicken enchiladas with it, topped it with Greek yogurt and fresh pico de gallo and they were divine! 
I tried to carefully spatula out my enchiladas so I could take a pretty picture, but luck was not on my side today and they fell apart into a messy looking blob, so there you have it. But they were still insanely good. And dinner did save the day. 

We were invited to a neighborhood back-to-school party tonight after dinner. It was tons of fun! Kennedy dove right in and started playing with all the kids. It was great to talk to people and feel welcomed. So far we are loving it here with my parents. I have no doubt we did the right thing. 

Tomorrow I get to introduce a friend of mine to my absolute favorite burger joint. I literally cannot wait. 

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