Nailed It

I'm saddened to report that I'm starting to lose my first toe nail to running. Can I be welcomed into the bad-a** runner club now? Cause it kind of feels like I should belong. 
My poor second toe nail is separating from the toe and hurts like the dickens. Tonight I poked the blister under the nail  (while choking back the vomit that inevitably followed something so gross) in hopes of helping the pain and pressure. I won't even get into the suggestions people had for me in my running group on Facebook... I've been about as gross as I want to be. I despise feet and toes so this has been hard to handle for me. Even my own feet gross me out. I know, I know, it's weird. 

I've named the nail Fergus. We will have to follow Fergus's story and see if he makes it till the end of September. The odds aren't looking good but he may bounce back. 

Kennedy has been begging me for a hair cut lately. I adore her gorgeous red hair when it's long and curly, but we rarely get the chance to curl it and instead end up having a daily comb-jousting tournament trying to comb it, so I decided to go with it, and we cut quite a bit off! 

And after 
I can't wait to do her hair tomorrow and see how easily it combs out. Her hair gets tangled so easily. Its torture for both of us. Plus she looks totally adorable; like that's hard to do for her. 

I planned on opening up about something at the end of this post but it's getting late (for me) and I'm struggling to get words out, so that talk will have to take a rain-check. Brynlie is getting some molars and having trouble sleeping which means K is as well, which means Mommy is... So an early bedtime is just what I need. Toodles! 

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