Much Ado About Thursday

This morning I heard giggling coming from the girls room. I snuck up to the door and listened and then threw the door open and flipped on the light and caught them red-handed actually getting along! Or maybe mid-spanking, I'm not sure. 
I was kind of hoping they would share moments like this now that they're in the same room. I guess they do love each other. 

I'm on a mission for the right kind of sippy cup for Brynlie. I wasted $14 at Target yesterday on two cups that were innovative and "100% leak-proof guaranteed!" They both were too difficult for her to figure out and guess what? They both leaked. Of all the dang sippy cups I've wasted money on, the best ones are still the cheapo, $3 take and toss ones.
She doesn't like the hard spout, but she'll have to get used to it because I'm starting to think sippy cups are a conspiracy. 

This is exactly how I feel about the last 7 days. 

I ran this morning and decided to skip out on the gym. That's rare for me, but I've been so stinking tired this week I knew I didn't have the energy for 2 workouts. So we had some down time at home this morning, which I spent trying to teach Brynlie gang signs. 
I don't want her to be too sheltered. 

I loved having a relaxing morning at home but was quickly convinced we needed to go do something fun. I needed to hit up Carters and Sephora so my friend Lacie and I made a last minute meet-up trip to the mall. 

We headed straight to Chick-Fil-A. Our priorities are in the right place. 

Her 2 year old and Kennedy had so much fun together! I love how sweet Kennedy is with younger kids. She has never acted like she's too old or too good to help out, play with, or mother them. I hope she never loses that. 

Dance party in the food court. 

I have been anxiously waiting to check out The Container Store. An organization-freak like myself could do some serious damage in a place with totes, baskets, and bins; bins with spots for labels even. *swoon*
But sadly it was like waiting all evening for a crappy fireworks show... It wasn't everything I hoped and dreamed it would be. I need to go back when I actually have a need for something, then maybe it'll knock my socks off. And maybe make it past the garbage bins. 

While browsing the mall we walked past Build-A-Bear and right smack in the window they had Minions and Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon. Kennedy has been obsessed with the Dragon series on Netflix so naturally she pulled one of these: 
So I pulled one of these:
Sometimes I feel like I spoil her too much, especially when Brynlie looks at me like, "Hey, what about me?!" 
She got new PJ's so it's not like she was shafted completely. 

While we were waiting for Toothless to get his innards the employee asked Lacie's 2 year old who her mommy was. She matter-of-factly pointed to both Lacie and I and said she had two Mommies. Other than stripping naked, I'm not sure what could have made all the heads in that store turn and stare at us any faster. It was awkward and hilarious! We should have hugged and made everyone else just as uncomfortable. Don't mind us, just a couple of Lesbians who can't get enough children in their lives. 4 kids, under 4. Doesn't that sound like a dream? We love diapers. 

After the mall we made our final stop at the house to drop off the keys. 
I got slightly sad this time. I started thinking of all the memories in this house and shed a small tear or two. But we will make more in our new home. We all waved and said goodbye to the house and then we were done. That's it. Chapter closed. 

I'd better end this post here because according to Kennedy, right now it's "party time," and I just don't want to miss what she has planned. The suspense is killing me. 

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