Since I decided to do this marathon and made my training plan, the 20 mile run has been hanging over my head, like a sword waiting to drop. 

20 freaking miles. 


There's just something about seeing a 2 in front of the zero that makes it that much more scary. 

Yesterday, I completed the 20 mile run. It is finally over!!! 
After being sick all week I was extremely nervous. My plan was to take it easy and do my best. Luckily I got some friends to run the first half with me which made it go by so fast and was much more fun. 

Overall the run went well. I never paused my watch and I stopped at many stop lights and visited with a man about Slide the City, which was set up and ready to go that morning and he thought it was amazing. So I don't have any idea what my actual pace was, but I truly don't care. I'm just so happy to have it done and to know that I ran twenty miles. Holy. Freaking. Crap. 

I feel free! All the really long runs are done and its time to taper. Oh, the beautiful taper. 

I came home and instantly jumped in an ice bath and forgot to stretch first so I'm pretty sore. But I'll survive. 

Then we hit up Costco (on a Saturday... Yikes!) and watched Fixer Upper for a while. I'm obsessed with that show. Like, obsessed enough I want to move to Texas and hang out with Chip and Joanna. 

For dinner we went out to celebrate the Mr. Hunter-fancy-pants's birthday. We go to Tucanos for his birthday dinner every year and it never disappoints, especially the Brazillian lemonade. 
Seriously though, this man is an angel on earth:
I try not to get all sappy online about him because I would rather just tell him how I feel about him in person. But just know I love him so, so much and I am one lucky woman. I'm grateful to celebrate another birthday with him as my eternal companion. 

And then we went and got my usual post-long-run reward. 
If I'm going to burn 2,000 calories in a single workout, you bet I'm going to eat them all back ;) 

We are LOVING our "new" ward. I say "new" because it's the ward I grew up in so there's still a lot of people I know in it. But there's also lots of new families and everyone has been wonderful to us. We feel so welcomed. Kennedy also loves her new primary class. Any change in church classes has usually taken a few weeks for her to accept without tears but she went right in last week and made friends and today she was so excited to go back. My baby is growing up! 

And did I mention she gets to go to preschool right down the street?! It's going to be awesome!! No more 20 minute, train-infested commute! 

Oh and PS, I have been completely wowed by my Mizuno running shoes. I love them. So much!! I blogged about running shoes a few weeks ago and said I had just purchased them and hadn't tried them out on the road yet. Since then they have logged many road miles and I love their support and speed. Great shoes! 

Tomorrows goals: clean the house and come up with a blog topic that isn't random. 

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