Great Weekend = Muchly Needed

*Deep breath*


What a great weekend! 

We had plans to go to Cory's family ranch this weekend with his family. But first, I had to squeeze in my long run. (If you don't care to read this part, feel free to skip it) 

I had 12 miles planned down the same canyon that I am hoping to PR on in 6 weeks. My legs were really sore from lifting earlier in the week but I was so excited to run the canyon again that I didn't care. Long story short, the run was AMAZING!!! 
I am beyond proud of myself. If I can pull this pace with sore legs, I'm hoping I can do even better on race day. This run put the wind back in my sails. I can do hard things. Let's get this crap over with!! 

My fabulous sister picked me up and I made it home in time to shower and pack and hit the road. I can't even tell you how much I hate packing in a hurry. We forgot so many things. But it all worked out. 

We arrived in good spirits and ready to have some fun! I love, love, LOVE that there's no service at the ranch. It's the perfect way to spend time with family. The girls played peek-a-boo with Grandpa and clearly were enjoying every minute of it. That man and his granddaughters... There aren't words. 
We had lots of good food; so good there was no time for plates. 
There were lots of opportunities to help cook and clean... 
And lots and lots of 4-wheeler rides. Brynlie was born to ride! The cutest thing was her pointing at the cows and birds and telling me about them in her gibberish. 

Family ride! Helpful tip: sundown is not the best time for a 4-wheeler ride when there's lots and lots of bugs in the air. Bear Grylls would be proud of all the bug we ate. 
I think one of my favorite things about the ranch are the sunsets. They're always gorgeous and never disappoint. 

Saturday we were up "early" (for all the siblings without small kids, anyway) to hit Bear Lake! We snagged a great spot at North Beach and rented some paddle boards. I forgot to have someone take a picture of myself on one. They were a lot harder than they looked and not as fun as I expected. I probably need to try again for more than 10 minutes. But we also had kayaks and a canoe and a raft to play in. Kennedy was in HEAVEN! 

Brynlie hated the sand; just like Kennedy did at that age. It was frustrating because she only wanted to sit on everyone's laps. Had the water been warmer, I think she would have had more fun. It was colder than I expected so I'll cut her some slack. 

We also rented a water trampoline! It was fun launching ourselves in the water but those suckers are hard to stay standing on! Haha! And quite a workout trying to get back on them. But it was a blast. 
I sure love this cute family of mine. 
And this family of mine, too! 
We were all pretty tuckered out after the lake. We had some cuddle time on the couch
And then Brynlie got fussy and started to climb down off our laps and somehow she fell asleep mid-climb. It was adorable, sad, and hilarious all at once. 

Every time we visit the ranch Cory talks about owning a farm or some land up there one day. A farm will never happen, so when he took his parents riding mower for a test drive, I had to take a picture and tease him that the mower is the closest thing to a tractor he's going to get. 
We had a great weekend and can't wait to go back. 

Now we have to make through this week. If I survive it'll be a miracle. Wish me luck. 

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