Busy and Proud

Sorry for the couple of days MIA. I'm taking a break from packing while Cory takes care of business (a.k.a., poops) to put in a quick update. 

We move out tomorrow and we still have so much to pack. I. Am. So. Exhausted. 

But I am exhausted for a great reason! I had an 18 mile run on the schedule for today. This was a run I had been dreading and the timing was terrible. A super long run the weekend we move? Not the best, but I literally had no choice. 
But I tackled the beast!! Yes, I noticed too late that Emigration is spelling wrong. My bad. 

I got a couple friends to run the first half with me which was so great!! We woke up at 4 am and started at 5:30 in the darkness and kept a really steady pace. Running in the dark was actually fun and I loved not being able to see how much farther we had to go. After some wind, rain, and having to stop for more water twice, I finished 18.3 miles with an average pace of 10:40, which I'm pretty proud of for that distance. Although my legs ache and I'm so beyond tired, it feels amazing knowing I did that today. I am really proud of myself! 

And I rewarded myself accordingly. 
It's been a good day. I'm feeling more and more ready for this marathon. BRING IT! 

Back to packing and enjoying this amazing storm! 
I'll be back soon with more to say than just tooting my own horn. *toot!!* 

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