Boot Camp to Headphones

I woke up this morning to RAIN!! I love rain. Maybe not all the time, or when I have an outdoor activity planned, but every now and then it's fabulous. The forecast said "light rain", and yet it did not stop raining the entire day. 

I also love rain because my girls always sleep in. The extra cloud cover paired with an exhausting weekend meant they weren't up until 8:30. BOOM! 

I spent the quiet time talking to a girl about the pros and cons of my Fitbit Surge which reminded me that I never blogged about whether or not I liked it. 

I have really liked it. The main reasons I wanted a fitness tracker were to have a heart rate monitor that wasn't a chest strap, and to find out how many calories I'm actually burning in a day or during a run/workout. 

The steps aren't totally accurate. Anytime the wrist gets a jolt, it counts it as a step. The other day I was playing the piano and after about 20 minutes it buzzed at me that I had met my step goal when I obviously wasn't moving around. But luckily I don't care too much about the steps. 

I have loved it for running. It tells me my current pace instead of averaging it out over the course of a mile like my Garmin did. So I always know exactly how fast I'm going at that moment. 

The real bummer was finding out that it isn't accurate in recording calories burned during boot camp. We burn about 3x's the amount it says, so that was frustrating. But I've loved seeing how many calories I've burned on day to day stuff and on my runs. 

I've also loved the text messaging and phone call feature. It alerts you when you have a text or call, so I can always see who its from and I can even read the texts and decide if it's urgent enough to stop what I'm doing and answer. It's helped me stay off my phone more, ironically. 

Overall I would recommend it. I don't feel like it's changed much in my fitness life, and maybe that's because I've had to focus less on that and more on getting our house packed the last little bit, but I've liked it. Good purchase! 

I got the girls dressed and we hit the gym. Afterwards our trainer randomly started a little workout with the kids doing push-up and feet drills. Kennedy had a blast!! It was ADORABLE!! 
Planking in cowgirl boots... That's my babe! 

Afterward we braved the rain to grab some groceries. Every single week, after we check out, Kennedy asks me for headphones and every week I tell her no. Today they had pink ones on sale and she didn't even ask, she just stood there with them in her hand and looked at them longingly, like she had dreamed about them for ages and if she blinked they would disappear from her life, which of course twisted my weak little heart into knots. So this week I said yes. She's learning quick how to manipulate me. But she was so dang excited, it was worth the $10! She clung them to her body so they wouldn't get wet in the parking lot, ripped the box to shreds opening them in the car on the way home, and before I even had all the groceries brought in, had  set up camp on the couch. 
And just like that I have a teenager; a teenager who snacks on Goldfish. 

And then somehow my day fell apart. I started to get some more packing done and every second I spent packing was countered with another decibel higher in scream pitch from Brynlie. Kennedy tried everything she could think of to get my attention, no matter how crazy. I actually had to get after her for eating our moving boxes. I literally shouted at my child, "Stop eating the boxes!" 
I didn't get much done. I am getting super overwhelmed with all we have to move and get to fit in our tiny storage unit. We may need Mary Poppins, or Merlin from The Sword in the Stone. Either one would be fine. 

I keep forgetting to mention that Brynlie is full on walking now. FINALLY! She's been capable for months but was such a wuss and wouldn't do it. The other day she saw a commercial of a baby in a diaper walking... That's all the commercial was... She watched it with intent I've never seen come from a baby, and moments later she just stood up and walked. I guess she figured, "Hey! That baby is like me! I can totally do that!" 

I'm super excited she's walking but now that means she needs shoes and the only size we have from Kennedy are sandals. Which is great, but she also needs full on shoes. I hopped online to see if I could find any good deals. Suddenly, I heard a heavenly host singing beautiful praises and these beauties appeared. 
I almost hyperventilated. I cannot wait for them to come! 

Tomorrow it is back to packing and being a giant ball of stress. We are moving out Saturday morning starting at 9, so if you're reading this and able to help, we really, really need the help. 

The only plus side to a week of boxing up your life and moving it to a dark and Solitary shed: I don't have to cook! Hello takeout! 

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