Back On Track


I cannot believe how much that UTI wiped me out. It was an upper UTI, which I guess is why it was more serious than any others I've had. But today is the first day I've felt like me again. Blogging hasn't happened because I didn't want each day to say, "Today I laid in bed and ping-ponged back and forth between being drenched in sweat and shivering to death."

Thankfully the fever is gone and the pain has disappeared. Now to just get my energy level up. I don't have time to be out of commission any longer!

I've been so ready to get this racing season over with. Don't get me wrong, I have loved this summer. I feel amazing and I am proud of the strength I have built and the progress I've made in running. I'm excited to try and reach the goals I've been working towards next month and to have medals to display with pride.

But man... it has been so much work and SO MUCH TIME! And I love running, but it's not my top preferred way of working out and I am anxious to get back into lifting heavy and changing my body. That is my niche; my home. I feel like all this running has actually hindered my progress this summer, which I haven't complained about, but I'm ready to get back to doing what I truly love to do and running for fun. Does that make sense? I'm also ready to sleep in on Saturday mornings with my husband, not eat so many carbs, and just relax and enjoy the fall without training weighing me down.

First thing Monday I am finding a local peach stand and getting a lifetime supply. I have been crazy about peaches and cream lately; peaches with stevia sprinkled on top with your choice of favorite milk. Mmmmm

And Brynlie will give thanks to the peach-Gods every time we partake. 

I'm so glad I have my phone glued to my body for moments like these. 

We take nap time real seriously around here. 

Hopefully life can settle down a bit and get back to normal. Tomorrow I get back into training and I'm praying all goes well. I'm super, super nervous. 

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