Nailed It

I'm saddened to report that I'm starting to lose my first toe nail to running. Can I be welcomed into the bad-a** runner club now? Cause it kind of feels like I should belong. 
My poor second toe nail is separating from the toe and hurts like the dickens. Tonight I poked the blister under the nail  (while choking back the vomit that inevitably followed something so gross) in hopes of helping the pain and pressure. I won't even get into the suggestions people had for me in my running group on Facebook... I've been about as gross as I want to be. I despise feet and toes so this has been hard to handle for me. Even my own feet gross me out. I know, I know, it's weird. 

I've named the nail Fergus. We will have to follow Fergus's story and see if he makes it till the end of September. The odds aren't looking good but he may bounce back. 

Kennedy has been begging me for a hair cut lately. I adore her gorgeous red hair when it's long and curly, but we rarely get the chance to curl it and instead end up having a daily comb-jousting tournament trying to comb it, so I decided to go with it, and we cut quite a bit off! 

And after 
I can't wait to do her hair tomorrow and see how easily it combs out. Her hair gets tangled so easily. Its torture for both of us. Plus she looks totally adorable; like that's hard to do for her. 

I planned on opening up about something at the end of this post but it's getting late (for me) and I'm struggling to get words out, so that talk will have to take a rain-check. Brynlie is getting some molars and having trouble sleeping which means K is as well, which means Mommy is... So an early bedtime is just what I need. Toodles! 


Peaches and Enchilada's

When you see a road-side stand with a giant sign that says, "Brigham City peaches", you stop and buy as many as you can. And I obeyed like a good little girl. Since then, I've had an unhealthy amount of peaches. I literally can't stop. 
These are the best peaches I've had in my life. No joke. Natures cereal; but not good pre-workout fuel, just FYI. 

We had a rough morning today. It was longer than usual after an earlier wake up time for the girls. Kennedy woke up super upset she couldn't find her doggie in her sheets and it was downhill from there. Everyone was wide awake after that. But she went for a drive with her friend and calmed right down. 
I decided going to the gym sounded like a good idea this morning... which ended up being false. My legs, although I can walk pretty well, are still pretty dead from Saturday. But I survived. And getting out and moving has to be better than sitting around. 

Then we went grocery shopping. Grocery shopping is the one activity where I'm guaranteed to go in like Dr. Jekyll and come out as Mr. Hyde; all pleasant at the beginning, and losing my crap at the end. One big contributor to that is the grocery store we shop at has little kid-sized carts; carts that Kennedy insists on using every time and carts where she refuses to watch where she is going when she's pushing them. We've had many fender benders in that store (lots with other people) and it is never pretty. She usually rear-ends the back of my heels which as you can imagine, always puts me in a good mood. It's safe to say I hate grocery shopping. But now we have food. Food like this:
I stopped at the end of an isle to check my list and as fate would have it, I was right next to these. You can't mess with fate, so I knew it was my destiny to try them. They're amazing by the way.

I'm happy to report I completed my goal of cleaning the house. I vacuumed and did laundry -- complete with pulling out a freshly washed pair of pants and setting them on the dryer to hang dry, directly in the dogs water bowl. Again, just a fantastic mood happening all over today.  

Then during nap time I caught up on Bachelor in Paradise. I like to have text dates with my friends while we watch because that much drama cannot go untalked about. Plus it's pretty entertaining. 

You can't tell me I'm the only one who just suffers through the day until it's time for dinner. I love dinner. It keeps me going. No matter how bad the day goes, I know dinner will save me. And I mean specifically eating it, not necessarily making it. Tonight I made the Cafe Rio mild enchilada sauce again... *drool* 

I'm not sure what I did differently this time but it was even better than before and made 3 leftover jars instead of two. I smothered our chicken enchiladas with it, topped it with Greek yogurt and fresh pico de gallo and they were divine! 
I tried to carefully spatula out my enchiladas so I could take a pretty picture, but luck was not on my side today and they fell apart into a messy looking blob, so there you have it. But they were still insanely good. And dinner did save the day. 

We were invited to a neighborhood back-to-school party tonight after dinner. It was tons of fun! Kennedy dove right in and started playing with all the kids. It was great to talk to people and feel welcomed. So far we are loving it here with my parents. I have no doubt we did the right thing. 

Tomorrow I get to introduce a friend of mine to my absolute favorite burger joint. I literally cannot wait. 



Since I decided to do this marathon and made my training plan, the 20 mile run has been hanging over my head, like a sword waiting to drop. 

20 freaking miles. 


There's just something about seeing a 2 in front of the zero that makes it that much more scary. 

Yesterday, I completed the 20 mile run. It is finally over!!! 
After being sick all week I was extremely nervous. My plan was to take it easy and do my best. Luckily I got some friends to run the first half with me which made it go by so fast and was much more fun. 

Overall the run went well. I never paused my watch and I stopped at many stop lights and visited with a man about Slide the City, which was set up and ready to go that morning and he thought it was amazing. So I don't have any idea what my actual pace was, but I truly don't care. I'm just so happy to have it done and to know that I ran twenty miles. Holy. Freaking. Crap. 

I feel free! All the really long runs are done and its time to taper. Oh, the beautiful taper. 

I came home and instantly jumped in an ice bath and forgot to stretch first so I'm pretty sore. But I'll survive. 

Then we hit up Costco (on a Saturday... Yikes!) and watched Fixer Upper for a while. I'm obsessed with that show. Like, obsessed enough I want to move to Texas and hang out with Chip and Joanna. 

For dinner we went out to celebrate the Mr. Hunter-fancy-pants's birthday. We go to Tucanos for his birthday dinner every year and it never disappoints, especially the Brazillian lemonade. 
Seriously though, this man is an angel on earth:
I try not to get all sappy online about him because I would rather just tell him how I feel about him in person. But just know I love him so, so much and I am one lucky woman. I'm grateful to celebrate another birthday with him as my eternal companion. 

And then we went and got my usual post-long-run reward. 
If I'm going to burn 2,000 calories in a single workout, you bet I'm going to eat them all back ;) 

We are LOVING our "new" ward. I say "new" because it's the ward I grew up in so there's still a lot of people I know in it. But there's also lots of new families and everyone has been wonderful to us. We feel so welcomed. Kennedy also loves her new primary class. Any change in church classes has usually taken a few weeks for her to accept without tears but she went right in last week and made friends and today she was so excited to go back. My baby is growing up! 

And did I mention she gets to go to preschool right down the street?! It's going to be awesome!! No more 20 minute, train-infested commute! 

Oh and PS, I have been completely wowed by my Mizuno running shoes. I love them. So much!! I blogged about running shoes a few weeks ago and said I had just purchased them and hadn't tried them out on the road yet. Since then they have logged many road miles and I love their support and speed. Great shoes! 

Tomorrows goals: clean the house and come up with a blog topic that isn't random. 


Back On Track


I cannot believe how much that UTI wiped me out. It was an upper UTI, which I guess is why it was more serious than any others I've had. But today is the first day I've felt like me again. Blogging hasn't happened because I didn't want each day to say, "Today I laid in bed and ping-ponged back and forth between being drenched in sweat and shivering to death."

Thankfully the fever is gone and the pain has disappeared. Now to just get my energy level up. I don't have time to be out of commission any longer!

I've been so ready to get this racing season over with. Don't get me wrong, I have loved this summer. I feel amazing and I am proud of the strength I have built and the progress I've made in running. I'm excited to try and reach the goals I've been working towards next month and to have medals to display with pride.

But man... it has been so much work and SO MUCH TIME! And I love running, but it's not my top preferred way of working out and I am anxious to get back into lifting heavy and changing my body. That is my niche; my home. I feel like all this running has actually hindered my progress this summer, which I haven't complained about, but I'm ready to get back to doing what I truly love to do and running for fun. Does that make sense? I'm also ready to sleep in on Saturday mornings with my husband, not eat so many carbs, and just relax and enjoy the fall without training weighing me down.

First thing Monday I am finding a local peach stand and getting a lifetime supply. I have been crazy about peaches and cream lately; peaches with stevia sprinkled on top with your choice of favorite milk. Mmmmm

And Brynlie will give thanks to the peach-Gods every time we partake. 

I'm so glad I have my phone glued to my body for moments like these. 

We take nap time real seriously around here. 

Hopefully life can settle down a bit and get back to normal. Tomorrow I get back into training and I'm praying all goes well. I'm super, super nervous. 


Sickness and Lagoon

Last week I felt so stinking tired. I figured I was just exceptionally worn out from moving and everything the weekend before. Turns out I was wrong. 

Thursday morning I started experiencing some UTI symptoms but they weren't that severe so I kind of forgot about it. By Thursday evening I was feeling awful and my back KILLED!!! 

I awoke Friday morning in tons of pain and drenched in sweat from a fever. We were supposed to go close on our house and go to Lagoon with Cory's family. I was feeling so awful I was about to tell Cory I needed to stay home. Plus now that something was seriously wrong I needed to see a doctor. Luckily my amazing doctors office was able to get me in really fast between closing and getting ready for Lagoon. The preliminary urine test showed infection but she was still going to send it to the lab to find out how severe, and they called in an antibiotic for me. 

Against my better judgement I decided to go to Lagoon because I really didn't want to miss out. I was feverish the whole day and my back (right around my kidneys) KILLED!!! But I downed Ibuprofen and was able to have some fun (more on that below). 

By the end of the day at Lagoon I was dead on my feet. I wanted to do nothing but lay down and cry. My back, legs, and feet ached so badly and I couldn't even breathe deep without stabbing pain in my back and stomach. I came home and crashed, but was up every hour peeing and my back hurt worse than I can ever remember. 

Saturday we had scheduled some home showings in the morning which I didn't want to miss out on. I took one of my leftover Lortab's and headed out to see if any of them felt right. They didn't, for those wondering. By the time we got to the second house I was nauseated and dizzy and my fever was creeping up. I truly felt so terrible. We also needed to run to Target and by the time we got there I was freezing! We stepping inside and AC sent me over the edge. I started having convulsions and I couldn't even walk I was shaking so hard. Cory gave me the car keys and I went outside and sat in the hot car trying to get warm. I kept wondering if the heat would actually kill me before I finally got warm. I was sobbing, my vision was getting cloudy, I couldn't stop shaking which made my back and whole midsection hurt beyond belief, and my head hurt so bad I thought it might explode. Cory drove me home and fully planned on taking me to the hospital. I'm sure my fever was dangerously high. But I wanted a Priesthood blessing first. 

We got home and I somehow climbed into bed sobbing my eyes out and wrapped up in the covers while Cory found my Dad and they administered a blessing. I fell asleep almost immediately afterward and slept for an hour. I honestly was terrified. The only other time I've been that sick was when I had West Nile. I didn't know what was going to happen to me. After the blessing and my nap I've slowly started to get better. My antibiotics must finally be kicking in because the pain is lessening every day and my fever has slowly started to get better. I'm anxious for the lab results to see if it was really just a UTI or if it had spread to my kidneys, because man, that was severe. I'm hoping in a couple more days I'll be back to normal and not be so worn out and feeling crummy all the time. I did not expect this to happen, or be this bad. 

BUT, Lagoon was fun. The new ride, Cannibal, was absolutely amazing!! I haven't been on a ride that amazing in a long, long time. And we got to do it twice! Kennedy had a total blast on every ride she was tall enough to ride on. She kept begging for bigger ones but it'll be a few more years yet. We left Brynlie home with babysitters since she's too little to have any fun, and too big to sit in a stroller all day. Overall, it was worth it. 

Next year, no sickness, dang it! 


Much Ado About Thursday

This morning I heard giggling coming from the girls room. I snuck up to the door and listened and then threw the door open and flipped on the light and caught them red-handed actually getting along! Or maybe mid-spanking, I'm not sure. 
I was kind of hoping they would share moments like this now that they're in the same room. I guess they do love each other. 

I'm on a mission for the right kind of sippy cup for Brynlie. I wasted $14 at Target yesterday on two cups that were innovative and "100% leak-proof guaranteed!" They both were too difficult for her to figure out and guess what? They both leaked. Of all the dang sippy cups I've wasted money on, the best ones are still the cheapo, $3 take and toss ones.
She doesn't like the hard spout, but she'll have to get used to it because I'm starting to think sippy cups are a conspiracy. 

This is exactly how I feel about the last 7 days. 

I ran this morning and decided to skip out on the gym. That's rare for me, but I've been so stinking tired this week I knew I didn't have the energy for 2 workouts. So we had some down time at home this morning, which I spent trying to teach Brynlie gang signs. 
I don't want her to be too sheltered. 

I loved having a relaxing morning at home but was quickly convinced we needed to go do something fun. I needed to hit up Carters and Sephora so my friend Lacie and I made a last minute meet-up trip to the mall. 

We headed straight to Chick-Fil-A. Our priorities are in the right place. 

Her 2 year old and Kennedy had so much fun together! I love how sweet Kennedy is with younger kids. She has never acted like she's too old or too good to help out, play with, or mother them. I hope she never loses that. 

Dance party in the food court. 

I have been anxiously waiting to check out The Container Store. An organization-freak like myself could do some serious damage in a place with totes, baskets, and bins; bins with spots for labels even. *swoon*
But sadly it was like waiting all evening for a crappy fireworks show... It wasn't everything I hoped and dreamed it would be. I need to go back when I actually have a need for something, then maybe it'll knock my socks off. And maybe make it past the garbage bins. 

While browsing the mall we walked past Build-A-Bear and right smack in the window they had Minions and Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon. Kennedy has been obsessed with the Dragon series on Netflix so naturally she pulled one of these: 
So I pulled one of these:
Sometimes I feel like I spoil her too much, especially when Brynlie looks at me like, "Hey, what about me?!" 
She got new PJ's so it's not like she was shafted completely. 

While we were waiting for Toothless to get his innards the employee asked Lacie's 2 year old who her mommy was. She matter-of-factly pointed to both Lacie and I and said she had two Mommies. Other than stripping naked, I'm not sure what could have made all the heads in that store turn and stare at us any faster. It was awkward and hilarious! We should have hugged and made everyone else just as uncomfortable. Don't mind us, just a couple of Lesbians who can't get enough children in their lives. 4 kids, under 4. Doesn't that sound like a dream? We love diapers. 

After the mall we made our final stop at the house to drop off the keys. 
I got slightly sad this time. I started thinking of all the memories in this house and shed a small tear or two. But we will make more in our new home. We all waved and said goodbye to the house and then we were done. That's it. Chapter closed. 

I'd better end this post here because according to Kennedy, right now it's "party time," and I just don't want to miss what she has planned. The suspense is killing me. 


Random Acts of Camera Roll: Volume 4

Kennedy got to go fishing and swimming with her auntie yesterday. She really needed to go have fun and that's exactly what she did. She's one spoiled seƱorita. 

We have tighter eating quarters for a while, but apparently it's tons of fun and encourages sharing.  

Back to school shopping! She picked out her lady bug backpack over the Minion one, Frozen, and My Little Pony. And this little lady bug one was more expensive than any of the other character ones. Of course. But it's pretty dang cute. Also, please note her running shorts. I die. 

Heck yes!!! 

Dinner was a huge win. I finally made a tender and juicy roast; which means Cory still isn't home (it's 8:32 pm) to eat it and now it's dried out and gross. 

I'm not going to lie, this screen gives me a little anxiety. What if I pick wrong?! 

This ridiculous thing caused anger, swearing, blood, sweat, tears... My mom and I could NOT get it off. 
My dad got it off first try. Not fair. 


We Survived.

We did it! We got all moved in! My body kind of feels like I'm recovering from major surgery, but we are alive. 

There's definitely going to be some adjustments. The girls are sharing a room now and so far that is going great... Minus K being banned from her room during nap time. 

My parents house isn't Brynlie proofed. Yesterday I decided to try and clean something and moments later found her eating out of the garbage can. It was disgusting and kind of funny at the same time. She really is more puppy than human, I swear. She also won't stay out of the dog dish... Coincidence? I think not! 

Kennedy is adjusting better as the days go on. She has some things to get used to as well. For example,  we never watched anything but movies, Netflix, or Hulu at our old house, so Sunday when we turned on the TV for her so we could unpack and her first ever commercial break happened, it was a little traumatic. She had no idea where her show went. I laughed. She cried. 

Overall I am feeling great about being here and I'm excited for the future. Cory gets along great with my parents so living here, although not ideal, isn't too bad for him, either. We know it's temporary and someday we will have our own home again. 


I've been dying to get back to a normal routine. I hate having chaos in my life. I gained 5 lbs from the stress and eating takeout last week. Eep! So this week its back to the gym every day, running 3 days a week, and eating nutritious meals. Yay! 7 weeks until this marathon training nonsense is over. I literary cannot wait to be done with it. 

Some other random items of note:
I totally forgot my parents have a DVR and on demand. I can smell the laziness in the air. 

It's taking some getting used to living where you can't hear every sound going on outside. Now the strange noises I hear actually ARE my children, not the neighbors kids or their dog barking. It's so quiet... 

It only takes me 7 minutes to get to the gym now. 

Because I was pregnant last time we lived with my parents, my brain is programmed to eat. All I wanna do is eat. Gotta kick that in the nards ASAP. 

This mascara is AMZAZING! Coming from someone who has tried lots of them, I can put a well-tested stamp of approval on it. If you like long, spidery lashes, go get yourself a tube. 

And because I haven't taken a single picture in the last 5 days, here's one my mom took of the girls getting filthy in leftover rainwater in the basketball hoop and loving every minute of it. This is a strong reason why we moved; to be outside. It's what being a kid is all about. 
The craziness is dissipating a little bit. I promise to get back on my blogging game very quickly. 


All Moved In, Barely Alive

We did it. 13 hours of moving crap and we are officially living at my parents. 
My body has not known exhaustion like this in a long, long time. Thankfully we had many wonderful helpers who showed up. I was so humbled and appreciative of their hard work. We still have lots of unpacking and organizing to do, along with cleaning the house and moving a few more garage items and our food. But for today, we're calling it quits since we are barely alive. 

I am strangely not at all sad. I teared up saying goodbye to one family who's husband came to help, but that's as emotional as I've gotten. I don't know if it still hasn't hit me or I was really just ready for this. I guess time will tell. 

Kennedy however is taking it really, really hard; which has broken my heart. I found her crying in her empty bedroom at the house in the fetal position and she wouldn't tell me why she was sad. My mom got out of her later that it was because her room was gone. It may not seem like a little child would love a house, but Kennedy has loved our house. I hope we can find a new one she loves even more! 

Now it's time to try and make sense of all the boxes and the huge mess we have created in my parents basement. Ah! Wish us luck. 


Busy and Proud

Sorry for the couple of days MIA. I'm taking a break from packing while Cory takes care of business (a.k.a., poops) to put in a quick update. 

We move out tomorrow and we still have so much to pack. I. Am. So. Exhausted. 

But I am exhausted for a great reason! I had an 18 mile run on the schedule for today. This was a run I had been dreading and the timing was terrible. A super long run the weekend we move? Not the best, but I literally had no choice. 
But I tackled the beast!! Yes, I noticed too late that Emigration is spelling wrong. My bad. 

I got a couple friends to run the first half with me which was so great!! We woke up at 4 am and started at 5:30 in the darkness and kept a really steady pace. Running in the dark was actually fun and I loved not being able to see how much farther we had to go. After some wind, rain, and having to stop for more water twice, I finished 18.3 miles with an average pace of 10:40, which I'm pretty proud of for that distance. Although my legs ache and I'm so beyond tired, it feels amazing knowing I did that today. I am really proud of myself! 

And I rewarded myself accordingly. 
It's been a good day. I'm feeling more and more ready for this marathon. BRING IT! 

Back to packing and enjoying this amazing storm! 
I'll be back soon with more to say than just tooting my own horn. *toot!!* 


Boot Camp to Headphones

I woke up this morning to RAIN!! I love rain. Maybe not all the time, or when I have an outdoor activity planned, but every now and then it's fabulous. The forecast said "light rain", and yet it did not stop raining the entire day. 

I also love rain because my girls always sleep in. The extra cloud cover paired with an exhausting weekend meant they weren't up until 8:30. BOOM! 

I spent the quiet time talking to a girl about the pros and cons of my Fitbit Surge which reminded me that I never blogged about whether or not I liked it. 

I have really liked it. The main reasons I wanted a fitness tracker were to have a heart rate monitor that wasn't a chest strap, and to find out how many calories I'm actually burning in a day or during a run/workout. 

The steps aren't totally accurate. Anytime the wrist gets a jolt, it counts it as a step. The other day I was playing the piano and after about 20 minutes it buzzed at me that I had met my step goal when I obviously wasn't moving around. But luckily I don't care too much about the steps. 

I have loved it for running. It tells me my current pace instead of averaging it out over the course of a mile like my Garmin did. So I always know exactly how fast I'm going at that moment. 

The real bummer was finding out that it isn't accurate in recording calories burned during boot camp. We burn about 3x's the amount it says, so that was frustrating. But I've loved seeing how many calories I've burned on day to day stuff and on my runs. 

I've also loved the text messaging and phone call feature. It alerts you when you have a text or call, so I can always see who its from and I can even read the texts and decide if it's urgent enough to stop what I'm doing and answer. It's helped me stay off my phone more, ironically. 

Overall I would recommend it. I don't feel like it's changed much in my fitness life, and maybe that's because I've had to focus less on that and more on getting our house packed the last little bit, but I've liked it. Good purchase! 

I got the girls dressed and we hit the gym. Afterwards our trainer randomly started a little workout with the kids doing push-up and feet drills. Kennedy had a blast!! It was ADORABLE!! 
Planking in cowgirl boots... That's my babe! 

Afterward we braved the rain to grab some groceries. Every single week, after we check out, Kennedy asks me for headphones and every week I tell her no. Today they had pink ones on sale and she didn't even ask, she just stood there with them in her hand and looked at them longingly, like she had dreamed about them for ages and if she blinked they would disappear from her life, which of course twisted my weak little heart into knots. So this week I said yes. She's learning quick how to manipulate me. But she was so dang excited, it was worth the $10! She clung them to her body so they wouldn't get wet in the parking lot, ripped the box to shreds opening them in the car on the way home, and before I even had all the groceries brought in, had  set up camp on the couch. 
And just like that I have a teenager; a teenager who snacks on Goldfish. 

And then somehow my day fell apart. I started to get some more packing done and every second I spent packing was countered with another decibel higher in scream pitch from Brynlie. Kennedy tried everything she could think of to get my attention, no matter how crazy. I actually had to get after her for eating our moving boxes. I literally shouted at my child, "Stop eating the boxes!" 
I didn't get much done. I am getting super overwhelmed with all we have to move and get to fit in our tiny storage unit. We may need Mary Poppins, or Merlin from The Sword in the Stone. Either one would be fine. 

I keep forgetting to mention that Brynlie is full on walking now. FINALLY! She's been capable for months but was such a wuss and wouldn't do it. The other day she saw a commercial of a baby in a diaper walking... That's all the commercial was... She watched it with intent I've never seen come from a baby, and moments later she just stood up and walked. I guess she figured, "Hey! That baby is like me! I can totally do that!" 

I'm super excited she's walking but now that means she needs shoes and the only size we have from Kennedy are sandals. Which is great, but she also needs full on shoes. I hopped online to see if I could find any good deals. Suddenly, I heard a heavenly host singing beautiful praises and these beauties appeared. 
I almost hyperventilated. I cannot wait for them to come! 

Tomorrow it is back to packing and being a giant ball of stress. We are moving out Saturday morning starting at 9, so if you're reading this and able to help, we really, really need the help. 

The only plus side to a week of boxing up your life and moving it to a dark and Solitary shed: I don't have to cook! Hello takeout!